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  • To learn to be a young superstar!

    You get to see backstage how hard they train as dancers and performers, there are knew concepts as far as musical selection and performance. A lot of singers on here try to emulate PCD and be the next big thing. They do a good job casting the right amount of talent. Great work!
  • The bottom of the barrel

    Just who in their right mind thought that anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence would want to watch the Reality series The Pussycat Dolls Present?

    This has to be without a doubt the fowlest Reality series ever conceived. This folderol would make America's Next Top Model look like Masterpiece Theatre in terms of content.

    How anyone would want to waste a solid hour of their lives to see this brainrot is beyond human understanding, but i guess we have no one to blame but ourselves for wanting less quality programming in favor of this junk.

    For the love of humanity, put this "kitty litter" in its place!
  • Girls compete to be a part of the sexy new group Girlicious created by the creator of the PussyCat Dolls Robin Antin.

    I cannot stop watching this show. Even though I am always too busy to watch ti on Wednesdays, I make time for it over the weekend. It is a great reality tv show, and I am completely hooked on it. I like to compare the vocal and dance skills of every person, every episode. In my mind I try to picture the band and how I would choose them. I have to say that this has a great selection of raw talent that the industry had not seen since the reality tv show Making the Band by Diddy. I believe that this show will successfully produce a new band that will be very famous, and have actual talent, without extreme amounts of editing to their vocals, and the sexiest dance moves. GO CHARLIE!!!!!!
  • The Pussycat Dolls is producing this show in search for the next new member of the group, i.e. it's very own reality show that markets its songs and shows fans how fabulous they are. etc etc

    I've seen the first season and it was fun to watch every now and then but the judging was a bit of a disappointment. I dont think you need a reality show to know who the next member should be. You basically already know after one to three episodes who qualifies.
    Why keep Chelsea till the end when they already had it in mind that she couldnt dance and that was a big factor in being PCD? Her voice was great but its not PCD matierial, it's better. SHe shouldnt be in a pop group, she should fly solo, they let her sing Christina Aguilera songs, what does that say for her!
    Asia won and she quit right then. I thought was just bogus. In the first place, wouldnt all contestants have a contract pre-signed in the event that if they won they would have to be a part of that group for a certain amount of time? Or else what good would that show have? What was the purpose if the winners can just quit after winning? Other girls dream of that opportunity and to just let her get away with it after winning the competition... it just sucks for the other girls who wanted it so much.
    I think it's all just a marketing strategy for the PCD to have another reality show, generate more income when they cant immediately come up with new songs, but thats just what i think.
  • Sorry to all the PCD fans.

    I don't that much hate it, but I only have watched the first season, and mostly it was a complete waste of time! Asia did all her hard work, to become a PCD (PCD Cat Doll) and then she just dumps it, and starts her own singing career. You can do both! Nicole is doing the same thing, so why don't you just be happy. I'd rather not watch season 2, but PCD fans I hope you enjoy, the rest of the show. Thanks for reading my review for PCD, PCD Present Show review. Peace out! -There Goes Halo! Peace out!
  • Natalie vs. Charlotte

    OMG... I love this show... This is my new Guilty Pleasure :)

    The girls are so vain and catty and self absorbed! Natalie, the resident latino meanie, rubbed everyone the wrong way and I was so hooked on it! The big drama was over a pair of boots that Charlotte wanted to borrow... Just listening to the girls complain to the other girls was a riot...

    It's going to be a brutal competition, by the time they are down to the final three the girls are going to HATE each other!!

    It was like a train wreck... A Fantastic Train wreck... Can't wait for more =)
  • Bad, Bad, Bad!

    This show was awful. I can't believe people watch this sh*t. I mean thats really sad. Who wants to watch the next search for the next doll. The creators of this show wouldn't know a good idea if walked up to them and punched them in the stomach. Thank goodness it was canceled. If this show became a hit i would probably shoot myself. Now if only they could cancel Americans Next Top Model. The only reason the dolls are popular is because they are eye candy. Thats it! i have tried to listen to there pathetic excuse for music and my ears nearly shattered.
  • A really fab reality show that everyone should watch.

    This is a very good show which - dare I say it - manages to bring out your inner girly side. I swear that before the show I don't even think of songs that girls like mostly, but now I give them a second thouught.

    All the girls ar really sexy and pretty! I thought Mariela should win: she IS a great dancer, and her voice doesn't totally suck, because the Pussycat Dolls aren't going to use it much, anyway. No offense, but really, it's all Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. My favorite contestant was Chelsea who is really an angel when she sings. I heard she can dance now!
  • Ok I don't get it! Asia quits!!!!!! Dumb!!! well I would not have and the nextseason better replace her! Nichole You go girl your solo!!! I would be too but the pcd is nothing with out her so we will see whats next!!!

    Ok I don't get it ! Asia quits and theres a new season?? Well pcd is nothing with out Nichole> You go solo Nichole and some one replace Asia!! I mean the show was great and new to reality T.V. But the Asia should not have quit to go solo she needs to work from the ground up not win and leave now thats a person who is a scare cat". Well I will watch next season but it better be good. Shout out to Nichole I love your voice and moves! O yeah love the video its so sexy.I wish I could look like that
  • Better than I thought it would have been

    "Pu$$ycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll" was a very entertaining show. I figured it'd be an average show before it started. After the first episode, I thought it could be okay. But as time progressed, the show did improve. And I did enjoy it. I didn't understand why the Dolls felt a need for another member, but watching the challenges the girls had to go through for it was enjoyable.

    And of course, I had favorites. I really wanted Chelsea to win because she had the best voice and was the sweetest member. It was sad when Asia won because I didn't think she deserved it. But maybe Robin is right and she will be a good addition. Only time will tell.

    I can't say I wanted this show to return. It seems better as a one time thing. I wonder how the second season will be different. I see the same challenges to make a copy-cat group.

    The search was fun while it lasted.
  • The Pussycat Dolls search for a new girl to transform into one of them, and add on another "singer" to their group.

    I really do not see the point in a show such as this one. Hmm.. i wonder why i dont see the point , maybe because . . . there isnt one! Its completely and utterly pointless. Okay, I like the Pussycat Dolls, and I'm not against them, but why in the world do they need to have a show to find a new girl to add to their collection. I mean, I think out of the six or seven they had, only one of them really sang. The rest of them stand there in their scantily clad outfits and dance around. Therefore, they could do fine with just Nicole and deep six the rest of them. Why they needed to add another .. i dont know, fear of odd numbers maybe? and now this show is renewed for a second season!?!?! they dont need another one!!! that time slot could easily be used for a more interesting show that actually has a point. Stupid!! Seriously, television networks will put anything on the air these days. Horrible! Stupid! Pointless!
  • I really like this show, but they should try covering the girls up more.

    I don't see why they should wear booty shorts and bras. Also, I don't really get why they need another doll. With Asia, they now have 7. Unless they are making a whole new group or something. But it's great to see the girl showcase their talent. They just shouldn't be wearing clothes like that, cause along with those dance moves, it's starting to look like this should be titled "The next Best Stripper". I know the pussycat dolls don't cover themselves up, but that's their problem and I guess that's how they want to sell music. They call it burlesque, while some call it stripping.
  • pussycat dolls., umm., they were damn excellent., hotness baby

    why asia?!., she's to moody when it comes to choosing what she like., yah its normal to get some bad stuffs but she's always claiming what she like and what should have been done.,if i were the judges, i will absolutely choose melissa R., she was damn good., she wasn't moody and she have the talents a pussycat doll needs., she was damn pretty., she was hot., a very good singer and dancer., so why asia?!., asia was also good in everything but one thing i dont like., she was acting like a princess and soooo moody., i dont really get it.,
  • I really don't get it. Why the heck do they need another? They're already six, with Asia they got seven and I just heard they're going to make another season. Eight Pussycat Dolls? For what? They don't fit into camera shots already. My God!

    Ok, so I watched the show because I like reality shows that have people with real talents. That way you know what you hear on the radio is real. I love dancing too and this show was about that too. Since the beggining I liked Chelsea's underdog story and her voice is amazing. Although I thought she should stay until the end, I don't think it was fair for her to win since she still needs to learn how to dance like the others. I absolutely loved Sicely's voice and her overall uniqueness but I agreed on the fact that she didn't fit in with the Pussycat Dolls. She deserves the spotlight forherself. Melissa S. was much too fake ever since Making the band 3 and showed her true colors at the end. I never really got Asia. I didn't like the way she performed and her voice always felt as if she couldn't sing, as if she was forcing it. Although Melissa R. was kind of young I think she was the most complete of them all. She has a great voice and she can really dance. I didn't like the fact that she talked behind Melissa S.'s back though. The only one who remained drama free was Chelsea and I think that if she had nailed the dance part she would've won without effort because Robin loved her since the start.
  • I just don't get it! There are really nice girls, but the writers of the show are awful!

    Search for the Next Doll" is a reality contest show where young female dancer-singers attempt to be the one person chosen to join a girl group called the Pussycat Dolls or PCD. The series has the standard reality show talent elimination aspect where one contestant is voted off at the very end of each episode. "Search for the Next Doll" also shows private confessions, practice sessions, and final performances.

    Thankfully, what Search-Next-Doll lacks is unreal fake contestants with bizarre personalities. In fact, perhaps the show has too much real life realism by showing a bad stomach flu hitting most of the girls and instead of it being edited out, instead of shutting down the production and letting the girls perform in sound health, the viewer witnesses puking, sickness and suffering. The flu virus episode seemed unfair to the participants and was more painful to watch than entertaining.

    My idea would be to scrap the whole idea of picking one single young girl to join an old girl group, and instead pick the 10 best girls from the first episode and create a new awesome super-group. All of these young ladies have it up, down and cross-ways. It -- is hotness. It -- is girlish perfection. It -- has my eyeballs glued to the TV set.
  • A competition between ladies to earn a spot on the international famous supergroup, "The Pussycat Dolls"

    The show is mildly interesting on it's on, but it's just the fact that the Pussycat Dolls are looking for another member..for what? I mean, Nicole basically sings all vocals and such while the rest are just backup dancers and singers. So yeah, it's a dream to be apart of the group, but what is there to be apart of? Other than that, the competitions and challenges that the judges make them go through are pretty cool.
  • Who the hell would watch this? I mean who cares about this? The pussycat Dolls are an okay band but they definately don't need another member. I mean all the CW does is renew crappy reality TV shows. I Can't believe they gave it Veronica Mars' Timeslot

    I would not recommend this show to anyone, who wants to see singing competitions and why would they put them in those stupid competitions if all they have to do is sing? I Cannot believe that they gave them Veronica Mars' Timeslot, now that is a show with originality, I think The Cw should stop taking it off the Air and be advetising the show a little more than freakin Gilmore Girls, now that is even more Horrible show than this one. Over all I think this is a horrible show and the CW should stop taking all the good shows off the air.
  • The Search For The Next Doll is highly entertaining but a flawed show.

    The show is fun because it has no real goal. They are competing to be a background dancer/singer but they get all these challenges that amount to nothing. I haven't seen too many PCD on "Extra" being interviewed solo, aside from lead singer Nicole. I don't often hear the rest of the group sing solo.

    They earn props for having a fantastic cast. The girls are all winsome and make for highly entertaining TV. From Asia, Melissa R, Sisely, Melissa S, Chelsea (she is the stock "awkward girl" you didn't think would make it so far but won't win) and Anastacia -- these girls sure can rock!

    Don't cha wish this show went on a little longer?! I do! Don't cha!
  • The show was good until they declared the winner.

    I love this show! That is until I found out that Asia won the comptetition. She did not deserve to win, and she complained the entire show. I think that these shows should take into consideration who the people like. There were many polls on the internet for people to choose their favourite doll and Melissa R. was in the lead by a lot. Melissa R. should have won, and I hate Asia.
  • Fun Show to watch. It took a while to get hooked. Chelsea needs to win.

    Fun Show to watch. It took a while to get hooked. If Chelsea wasn't on the show I never would have kept watching.
    Chelsea needs to win. She is the cutest, best singer and the rest she can be taught. You can't teach good lookin or great singing. Although She is no Eva Avila!
  • I just love this show dancing singing awsome atire and so fun to watch

    I can't get enough I watch it over and over. I now have my favorite and it will ruin the pusstcatdolls for me if anybody else wins.I am so happy that Melissa S went home she was so snotty and rude. My favorite is Chelsea and I know all my freinds agree with me. She has struggled so hard wants it so bad and worked her butt off. Theres just something about her that I love to watch.
  • Pussycat dolls show wasn't that bad. All those gilrs work so hard for to in pussycat dolls. I really enjoy watching Pussycat Dolls: The Search for the Next Doll. All of those girls dance so good.I really think this show is the one of the best reality show

    Pussycat dolls show wasn't that bad. All those gilrs work so hard for to in pussycat dolls. I really enjoy watching Pussycat Dolls: The Search for the Next Doll. All of those girls dance so good.I really think this show is the one of the best reality show. In my opinion, the Doll founder lady (Robin), Little Kim, and the rest of the old Pussy Cats have at best one tenth the charisma, sincerity, passion and talent as these amazing young lady contestants. This show was the great show. I can't wait until season finale. I hope next eposide be good.
  • Um not much to say but Chelsea is a **** and so is Melissa r!!

    Um They starting to get worse and Chelsea is a **** to Meaissa R and Melissa R is a **** back!! ****es!! and i think i know robin what ever!! there not being hard enough on them so they need to go a lot harder on them like Chelsea and Anastacia. Every time i would watch the show Anistacia stood out to me alot maybe it was her hair or it was her bad dancing or not maybe just her attitude. you never know with ****es because some of your best friends can be brats or ****es. so keep an eye out.
  • amazing

    i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show i love this show
  • This show is about 9 girls trying to be a member of the award winning band possycat dolls

    I know a lot of people do not like the show but i think it is great in ways i wish there could be more then one season but there can't so anyways i have ruting for asia again i know a lot of people don't like her because she is always bringing up her daughter and always complaining but i would to if i coulden't see my daughter or family or friends for a while and the stress people just don't think of that so i love the show A LOT! and i hope asia wins and if she does not then i hope melissa R wins
  • This show is awesome!

    ASIA'S so awesome! I'm routing for her. She's my favorite. I don't like Anastasia, Melissa R., Melissa S., or Chelsea. I really don't like Chelsea. She hates Asia. She also thinks Asia complains a lot. So what if Asia usually eats french fries and cheeseburgers. It is not a crime. I thinks she is the best. GO ASIA! WIN!
  • think american idol without the talent

    this has got to be the worst thing ive ever seen in my life!! its just a bunch of girls stuck in a house wanting to kill each other over a spot in a singing group. WHO REALLY CARES!!! there are soo many better things to watch out there, like one tree hill (which by the way got kicked out of its time slot for this piece of television trash)... plus there is absolutely no reason to show it like 3 times a week when you culd b showing a better show and not wasting money, time, and film on these girls who are ultimately gonna get their hearts broken by panel of judges who are apparently so famous, when ive only heard of 'lil kim cuz she went to jail, and obviously have no real talent of their own! kill this joke of a show and bring back the shows people actually want to watch.. and no im not just complainin bcuz they took away one tree hill... i honestly cant wait to be rid of this show once and for all!!
  • There are just way too many "reality"-type television shows out there.

    Let me start off by saying I really enjoy the Pussycat Dolls' music... they're all very talented.

    However, I hate the idea of ANOTHER show like this. American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Broadway Audition for Grease, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, these shows all seem to have the same idea... and after a while, that idea gets old.

    The show is okay... nothing special though.
  • Congratulations on a great show.

    Congratulations on a great show. Please don't let this one be the first and last season.

    It's better then American Idol.

    It give us a look behind the curtains how auditions go for new groups : the real world behind performers

    . . . . . . . . .

    Proposal : put a dummy girl/actrice in the group to dance.
    The dummy does everything wrong when dancin.
    See how the group reacts to it.

    We have shows in Europe but not like yours. The quality of your show it's more higher.

    Another idea is to create auditions for an all boy's band.

    Looking forward to following shows...

  • FAN-TAS-TIC!!! The new hit show!!! The Pussycat Dolls presents: The Search for the Next Doll!!! 1000s of girls are auditions and only 9 girls remain, who will it be to become the next pussycat dolls?

    This show is one of the best reality shows yet! We all love the Pussycat Dolls, and this is a nerve-wracking show and exciting to see who will be voted off and who will win! I love being able to pick my favorite girls on this show to be voted as the next Pussycat Doll! I know that if any one loves the Pussycat Dolls like I do, you should definately, and I mean definately, watch this show! Ok, I loved a couple of girls on the show, but there were only a few that I really thought deserved to be the next Pussycat Doll, especially since some of the girls were snobby.
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