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    I have seen one episode of the show and it will likely be the only one that I ever watch. The only reason I was watching was because someone I knew (Britney) was dancing and now that she is gone I dont really feel that the show has enough staying power to make a lasting impression on its audiance. A lot of the elements of the show make it seem like a copy cat of all of the reality tv shows that came before it such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. The house that they are all living in isnt anything amazing and the drama outside of dancing isnt really anything worth following either. im very confused about what the judges are looking for. The eliminated Brit because she was a little too "sexy" and not "sophisticated" but her dancing and vocals were both really good said some of the judges. I think the show is a little confusing and I dont think it will be anything that American Idol has become. It has its moments, but every show does. Nothing great. Nothing Good really
  • This show seems so absolutely pointless!

    This show seems so absolutely pointless! I will never watch this show, ever, because it just seems like it is trying to do what everyone else is doing. This show just wont be good, its not like I don't like the Pussycat Dolls but I just don't think they would fit in that great in a Television show because I don't think they have what it takes to be in a television show, not only that, there are so many different shows like this, any show like this I see and I immediately turn it down because we have too many different singing competitions and it just needs to stop. Although I don't like this show I am giving it higher that a one because I think it will get ok rating and a lot of girls in America love the Pussycat Dolls so I think it will be good for them just not for me.
  • Yet another American Idol wannabe

    Judging by the rating for Episode 2 there shouldnt be an episode 3... it was 1.1. Even for CW, that dismal.

    So a bunch of girls try out for this semi-popular group. Who even cares who wins? Ok, so, I havent actually watched this, but just reading about it made me lose IQ points... I spotted it on thefutoncritic.com and just had to see this train wreck.

    There seems to be some kind of vast conspiracy to water down the quality of TV by mass producing crap like this along with dozens of reality TV shows featuring washed up has-beens like Andrew Dice Clay, Tom Sizemore and Anna Nicole Smith. The real problem is too many cable networks needing content... any content. They just toss it onto the floor and see if anyone looks.

    The biggest problem is this show has no future, once they pick the new PCG are they going to fire her in between season and then pick a new one? Or will they keep adding girls until there are 10 of them?

    Please network execs, for the love of God, please stop the madness! Even reruns of My Mother The Car are better than this show.
  • PCD is really cool..

    The P cat dolls is a female group namely nicole elikolani prescovia scherzinger, ashley, jessica, carmit, melody, kimberly. their songs are beep, I dont need a man, Dont cha, Stick with you, Button s , Sway with me, Wait a minute.They are so cool that they make me sing their songs where ever I go. Nicole elikolani perskovia scherzinger is hawaiian and is from russian filipina descent. carmit is the one with the red hair and is rumored to be transsexual, ashley is the blondie from masachussets USA,jessica is the one with the brunett hair and is from atlanta georgia.
  • Mmmm.. A show about some girls who wants to be rich and famous..? OMG.. What an original idea!! No other channel has any shows like this one!! So brilliant rigth? Another poor-quality reality.

    So stupid, only 8 weeks? Do not misunderstand me, i want this to be a 1 week show, but what's the point of doing a show of 8 weeks, which should be only a season long.. cause i mean, PCD wont be adding a girl to the group every year.

    So what's the point of doing this crap show?..

    The good news is, we only have to wait 8 weeks to watch Veronica Mars again.. and no more PCD reality ever!!
  • Very uninteresting.

    this is perhaps one of the worst shows to hit CW. why make a show about this? the girls are cool, but this show is so uncool. this is one show that really needs to be axed because of its poor quality. it's a bad idea, it's got no content interesting enough to see. it's just a waste of airtime, CW needs to know better. WB/UPN cancelled a lot of good shows, CW should learn their mistake from their former networks, they shouldn't invest in shows that are really bad. this is one bad show, it must be cancelled ASAP.
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