Pussycat Dolls Present

Season 1 Episode 2

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Aired Unknown Mar 13, 2007 on The CW
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Welcome to the Dollhouse
The girls move into their loft on the Sunset Strip, and after getting advice from PCD members, the girls are told about their challenge: they have to perform a song and dance routine at the Pussycat Dolls’ Lounge. After rehearsing, the girls are taken out of dinner at Basque where Robin and Mikey reveal their next challenge: they will perform in sexy lingerie in a glass box. The winner of this performance is Asia, and for that, she is safe at elimination. Performance night finally comes, and after the three groups go, Brittany is let go and hangs up her boa.moreless

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  • Evil Producers and Judges

    I hated how they used the girls sickness with a stomach virus as entertainment. They should have let the girls get better and try them then. They can learn to perform sick later on.
  • to be eliminated is painful.

    in this episode., they were chosen as the top9 contestants of the hottest girl group., pcd., then they got to know each other then they performed in the pussycat dolls lounge but before that they were introduced to live in the house., it was very spacey (it should be.,)and it has portraits of the pussycat doll members., of course they were very overwhelmed by the environment then of course they practiced then in the performance they did their best but one girl should leave., so there

    (top9: asia, melissa R., chelsea, melissa S., anastacia, mariela, sisely, jamioe and brittany).moreless
  • One Of Those Episodes That You Don't Mind Watching But You Won't Necessarily Go Out Of Your Way To Watch It

    Okay, the reason why I gave this episode a 7 is mainly because it is not that original. It is like a rip off of American Idol , So You Think You Can Dance and America's Next Top Model. The only great thing about it is that it is aired on a night where all those shows mentioned above are not aired so in a way, it helps to fill the night.

    The good point of the show though is the fact that the girls are really working their butt off and trying their best to win the competition. It is pretty amusing to see them sing and dance to tunes that we are familiar with. And the songs chosen are also less cheesy as compared to American Idol. The songs that the girls are singing to are more current. However, although the editor tries desperately to add the b**ching factor to the show, it fails miserably in comparison to America's Next Top Model (that seriously has girls talking behind each other's back all the time and sometimes a little too much). The other thing I don't like about the show is the fact that the co-choreographer dont seem to try to be nice to the girls. He seemed to be arrogant and a little harsh at times. Is he the simon cowell for this show? If he is trying to be simon cowell, then he is failing miserably. I guess it is true when they say that everyone can be mean but very few can be mean and entertaining at the same time. With that said, I will not necessarily recommend watching this show in particular but if you have time or just happen to run across it, then watch it.moreless
  • Know why it is informative? Because we are constantly reminded that these girls are not strippers.

    In this episode, we see the nine finalists move into an awesome house, dance behing a glass box, and perform a song and dance routine to some Top 40 hit. I enjoyed this episode, though not as much as the pilot. Frankly, it dragged on a bit long. But it was still rather entertaining. Luckily, this week I didn't have to see any girls throw up, though in a quick flash back shot I did. And Robin cleared something up that people accuse the girls of being - strippers. They aren't strippers, believe it or not. Though, as a fan of burlesque, stripping is burlesque, but whatever. Robin continuously said that the girls have to dance sexy, but in a sophisticated way. This episode was good, and I can't say I'll miss Brittany.

    "Welcome To The Dollhouse" is a little more entertaining than "The Auditions" were, though it dragged on for the first 40 minutes. I am just glad I didn't have to deal with any sick girls.moreless
  • Great show!

    This show is one of the best reality shows ever! We all love the Pussycat Dolls, and this is a nerve-wracking show and exciting to see who will be voted off! I love being able to pick my favorite girls on this show to be voted as the next Pussycat Doll! I know that if any one loves the Pussycat Dolls like I do, you should definately, and I mean definately, watch this series! Ok, I loved a couple of girls on the show, but there were only a few that I really thought deserved to be the next Pussycat Doll, especially since some of the girls were snobby.moreless

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