Pyramid (2004)

(ended 2004)


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  • This is what happens when you tamper with a classic

    This was an attempt to modernize a classic game show with poor results.
    Since the producers apparently believed our attention spans had shortened, they reduced the amount of time each round lasted to :20 seconds, and the number of clues to six. Rather than moving things along, this gave the players hardly enough time to get started and the whole proceedings a frantic pace.

    This wasn't the only ill-conceived update. Rather than have a monitor for the contestants to use, they gave them laptop computers. This doesn't sound like such a major change, but it succeded in making the show look like it had a budget of about $5. The set was insubstantial to the point of looking cheap, which it no doubt was. The effect was the show seemed so thriftily staged, it could have been been taped in someone's garage.

    The only thing that worked was Donny Osmond as host. Probably as a surprise to many, he did a fine job. It's a shame he couldn't have hosted a less updated and more substantial version of the show.