Python Hunters

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  • Season 3
    • Bangkok Beasts
      Episode 10
      Exploring the rice paddies of central Thailand, the guys enlist the help of local farmers to see if the monocled cobra, one of the country's deadliest snakes, has survived the deluge. Back in Bangkok, an emergency hotline notifies the team about a giant crocodile on the loose, but after battling hours of gridlock to get there, the guys cruise a flooded neighbourhood in the dark. At the world's biggest croc farm, the guys are thrilled to help capture and measure the biggest of 40,000 beasts, and it's a tug of war between ten men and a 1,500-pound goliath. In the mountainous Khao Yai Park in north central Thailand, the guys are determined to end their three-week Thai adventure with a giant Burmese python.moreless
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      The hunters are in Bangkok, Thailand, where a heavy monsoon season is resulting in an epic flood that's causing the flood barriers to fail for the first time in decades. They join forces with the snake rescue hotline, and they immediately get to work catching a green tree pit viper. At a local park that's been overrun by giant monitor lizards, Greg, Michael and Shawn get a little competitive with the local rangers to see who can snag the largest one.moreless
    • Death by Viper
      Episode 8
      Fortunately, back-to-back cold winters have kept Florida's non-native Burmese python population in check, so the hunters are able to head out to tropical Costa Rica for other work. They join forces with a local conservationist and help him capture and relocate an American crocodile that's been invading some fish farms. They then head into the rain forest and track down three of the region's most venomous snakes--the Costa Rican eyelash viper, the bushmaster and the legendary fer-de-lance.moreless
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      Dusky pygmy rattlesnakes average only about 18 inches and have a rattle so small it's difficult for humans to hear-but the team still manages to fill a bucket with them, proving the population is not under threat. They then tour a medical toxin lab that contains more than 900 venomous snakes, and expert Carl Barden introduces them to two cobra species.moreless
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      Greg, Michael and Shawn are in Guam, where a number of invasive reptiles are devastating the native creatures. Along with biologist James Stanford, the hunters go after brown tree snakes, which have already wiped out nearly a dozen species of birds, including the Guam rail. They then visit a sanctuary dedicated to preventing the extinction of the emblematic birds. The Python Hunters then become beetle hunters as they help control the island's coconut rhinoceros beetle population.moreless
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      With the riverboat leaving in the morning, the hunters make the most of their last night in Peru, searching for elusive black caiman, some of which can grow to more than 18 feet. When they return home to Florida, Shawn celebrates the arrival of another record-breaking brood of albino gator hatchlings. The team then heads out into the Everglades to see if the invasive pythons are making a comeback. Luckily, they don't find any, but Shawn still decides to install some new infrared cameras.moreless
    • Amazon Anaconda
      Episode 4
      Greg and Michael meet up with Shawn at the remote hideaway that he built in the past decade while exploring the region. They spend the night in an open-air bungalow not far from where they came across an enormous bushmaster viper, and in the morning the team visits a street market and gets to see firsthand why Peru's endangered animals are disappearing.moreless
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      Along with snake catcher David Flack, they search for one of the only indigenous snakes that can eat the invasive and poisonous cane toad-the famed keelback snake. Back in Cairns, they tend to some injured pythons. They get to release two recovered sea turtles back into the wild-an event that everyone agrees was a highlight of the trip.moreless
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      At the northern tip of the country, Greg, Michael and Shawn join biologist Jamie Seymour with his venom research. On a very successful night hunt, they manage to haul in a large number of sea snakes, including one particularly unusual specimen. The next morning is spent identifying, measuring, milking and tagging the snakes.moreless
    • Lizards of Oz
      Episode 1
      Michael wants to handle a perentie monitor-Australia's largest lizard-while Greg wants to get his hands on some of the biggest crocs on earth. Once on the road, they attempt to catch a speedy Australian sand monitor before cornering a couple of black-headed monitors in Palm Valley. They also help capture a dangerous king brown snake.moreless
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