Python Hunters

Season 3 Episode 10

Bangkok Beasts

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Exploring the rice paddies of central Thailand, the guys enlist the help of local farmers to see if the monocled cobra, one of the country's deadliest snakes, has survived the deluge. Back in Bangkok, an emergency hotline notifies the team about a giant crocodile on the loose, but after battling hours of gridlock to get there, the guys cruise a flooded neighbourhood in the dark. At the world's biggest croc farm, the guys are thrilled to help capture and measure the biggest of 40,000 beasts, and it's a tug of war between ten men and a 1,500-pound goliath. In the mountainous Khao Yai Park in north central Thailand, the guys are determined to end their three-week Thai adventure with a giant Burmese python.moreless
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