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  • Experimental comedy, which dissolved the conventional TV sketch show format. Q5 predated Monty Python (just) and led the way for outrageously surreal comedy on mainstream television.

    I first saw the Q series as re-runs when I was a child. I've been a fan of Spike Milligan's work and writing ever since.
    The Q series was a first glimpse of the totally surreal in TV humour. It sought to put on screen what Spike and others had achieved on radio with the Goon Show. I absolutely loved it because it appeared so disorganised. Some sketches run into others, some leap to unexpected subjects or locations randomly. Many scenes simply had no conclusion, except for the entire cast advancing towards the camera, chanting, 'What are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do now?' Hilarious!
    Another set of re-runs is well overdue, or a DVD release of this landmark British comedy series. It is a travesty that some of it was wiped by the BBC.
  • Spike Milligan Rocks!

    I know you guys don't like this show much, but I guess you dont have a f***ing sense of humor!
    I'm sorry, but I am outraged at the idea of the BBC taping over his shows, because, back then, you see, tape was expensive, but that doesnt justify for getting rid of such genius.
    The oddball humor is rather fast and well excecuted, move over South Park, Raymond, and all the rest, this I nominate the best comedy of all time!