Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2004 on BBC Two
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Stephen Fry and Alan Davies are joined by Rich Hall, Josie Lawrence and John Sessions to discuss some Quite Interesting topics beginning with the letter B.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Batophobia is fear of tall buildings. Batology, however, is the study of blackberries.

      • St Bernards have never carried brandy in barrels around their necks (this would easily kill a person with hypothermia) - if they have a barrel at all, it might carry milk.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Josie: I'll tell you what is a really good patron saint to put... And it works. It's St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. If you lose something in the house, and you just say, "Please, St. Anthony, will you help me find this?" I guarantee, 'cause it's happened to me with keys and everything, in about half an hour to an hour you will find whatever it is--
        Stephen: (fake cough) Ah-bullshit!
        Josie: Stephen! It's true!
        Stephen: I'm sorry. Something tells me it is so much arse.
        (Josie buries her face in her hands)

      • Stephen: The winner was a cook. His name was Koroibos of Elis, and he was a cook, and like all the contestants, was naked.
        Alan: They all ran in the nude.
        Stephen: All ran in the nude, in the nudey...
        Josie: How wonderful! I would like to have seen the triple jump.
        Alan: What about the pole vault?
        Josie: Oh, don't! (fans her face with her hand)
        Stephen: Koroibos, of course, won by a short head... No. After his final spurt... No! Shut up.

      • Josie: Ages ago, they were doing a column in one of the papers, "Who would you most like to be like?" So I said, David Attenborough. I love the career he's had, I love his wisdom, I love his sense of adventure... and a couple of weeks later the article came out, it was actually, "Who would you most like to look like?" There was a lovely picture of me next to David, and then, like, Toyah Wilcox next to Audrey Hepburn.

      • Rich: I think it's evil putting food in front of a bug, to name it like butterfly. 'Cause I would eat butterflies, when I was a kid, because I thought they had butter in 'em. And honeybees. And a hamster.

      • Alan: I've got a friend who always repeats himself. We call him Dave-ja vu.

      • Stephen Fry: If I've got a moth ball in this hand and a moth ball in the other hand, what have I got?
        Alan: Two moth balls.
        Stephen Fry: A rather excited moth.

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