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Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2006 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and guests discuss quite interesting topics beginning with 'D', particularly 'Danger'.

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    Jo Brand

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    Sean Lock


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    Jimmy Carr

    Jimmy Carr


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Bungee Jumping was inspired by the vine jumpers of Pentecost Island in the Pacific Ocean Vanuatu group (formerly the New Hebrides). Each year, the men of the island's tribe construct huge wooden towers, over eighty feet high. They then carefully select vines from the jungle which they then tie to their ankles before throwing themselves off the top of the towers. The length and age of the vines must be carefully judged so that the vine arrests their fall just as they hit the ground. Inspired by the islanders, modern bungee jumping was invented by members of The Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club.

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Stephen: There was a story during the Terror of the French Revolution, that two members of the National Assembly were guillotined and their heads put in the same bag straight away, and one bit the other so hard they couldn't be separated. Just the heads.
        Jimmy: That's holding a grudge, isn't it? For all intents and purposes, you're dead, let it go! Yeah, you didn't get on, whatever!
        Stephen: They were French.

      • Stephen: There is, however, a 1 in 257,000 chance of you dying today, during this programme.
        Jimmy: What have you got planned for Round 2? Not a tiger involved, is there?

      • Stephen: I think we have a nurse standing by, frankly. Well, we have.
        (He gestures to Jo)
        Jo: I'm not a proper nurse.
        Stephen: How not proper?
        Jo: Psychiatric.
        Sean: She's a stripper.

      • Stephen: Who invented bungee jumping and when?
        Alan: It was the New Zealanders, wasn't it?
        Stephen: It was actually a British invention in 1989.
        Alan: The bungee strap was a British invention. Hoorah! And they never, ever, ever break.
        Stephen: No.
        Jimmy: That must be a real comfort to the families of the people that the rope was too long. 'You can have the rope if you want, it's still perfect.' Oh, thanks for that. Great.
        Alan: You can have another go with the coffin. Ooh, into the grave, out of the grave, into the grave...
        Stephen: Oh, it must happen. I want that to happen.

      • Jo Brand: (on Stephen's pants) Do you get yours made specially by the Queen's tailor?
        Sean Lock: I thought you'd had yours done on a loom by exquisite boys.
        (He mimes rolling out pants on a loom)
        Sean Lock: (in a high voice) We're making Stephen's pants!
        Jimmy Carr: (in a deep, posh voice) I can't wear these, he's got a mole on his face!
        Stephen Fry: I, oh, God, help...

      • Alan Davies: [on bungee jumping] 'Cos if you go in the nude, they let you do it for free.
        Jo Brand: Where - everywhere, or at a particular site you know of?

      • Stephen Fry: Bungee jumping, know anything about that?
        Alan Davies: You can get a detached breast tissue.
        Stephen Fry: What, at the gift shop afterwards?

      • Jimmy Carr: I've never seen cheerleaders that aren't in a shower. I thought that's what they did. I thought they were just obsessed by lather.

      • Stephen Fry: [on George Bush's cheerleading days] He had special T-shirts made with 'GO NADS', which was the name of his team...

      • Stephen Fry: Name the world's most dangerous manager.
        Jo Brand: It's not Dave the Decapitator who's head of Psychos Are Us in Catford then.

      • Jo Brand: [on the world's biggest kite, 48x36ft] And how many people does it take to fly that then?
        Stephen Fry: Fifty.
        Jo Brand: Fifty people.
        Stephen Fry: Fifty men, it says here.
        Jo Brand: Fifty men or twenty-five fat birds.

      • Stephen Fry: [referring to Pakistan] They also have this very dangerous sport - so dangerous it's been banned for all but fifteen days of the year. It's a child's pastime that has become aggressive and extreme.
        Alan Davies: Conkers?

      • Stephen Fry: What is the most dangerous sport in, in fact, the most dangerous country in the world?
        Jimmy Carr: Contemporary dance in Scotland.

      • Jimmy Carr: I read a thing once which said, 'a third of all accidents at work go unreported.' [He shrugs, unimpressed.] How do they know?

      • Stephen Fry: You always guarantee you will find some cunning way to make me not know anything!

      • Stephen Fry: You're more likely to die at work than you are at war.
        Alan Davies: Does that include soldiers?

      • Jimmy Carr: D'you think strippers go home at the end of the day and go, "Ugh, more work..."?

      • Stephen Fry: In the next 24 hours, there is a 1 in 48 million risk of being burned to death while you sleep -
        Jimmy Carr: Bet that would wake you up, wouldn't it? How heavy a sleeper would you have to be... to be burnt alive...
        Jo Brand: You could be quite pissed.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Stephen: Very Bertie Wooster thing to do.

        Bertie Wooster is a character in P. G. Wodehouse's books and stories about valet Jeeves, who's known for his cheerful playfulness. Hugh Laurie played Wooster to Fry's Jeeves in the 1990 TV series Jeeves and Wooster.