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Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2006 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and guests discuss quite interesting topics beginning with 'D', particularly 'Dictionaries'.

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  • 1st-timer Ronni Ancona is magnificent in this episode!

    Ronni Ancona was an absolute scream in this episode!

    She did a number of impersonations, one of which being a dottery old lady talking about her travels and experiences to a slightly too explicit level...

    Im certainly hoping they get her to come back some more - if not in this season, then future ones.

    Rory Bremner and Phill Jupitus add their own great comedic skills to the episode as they have done several times before.

    Stephen Fry comes out with a great line regarding religion "Ahh religion - Sh*t it!"

    I do with however, that Alan Davis would do something with his hair - its very messy - think it just needs a good going over with a pair of scissors ;)moreless

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    • Stephen: It was completely something else. It was one of those laughable misunderstandings... and I use the word laughable quite wrongly.

    • Stephen: Name, if you can, the subject of the three volume book whose first volume is entitled 'The Long Years of Obscurity'.
      Phill: The career of Phil Collins.
      Ronni: Is this book about the word 'obscurity' before it got famous? How it got beaten by its adjective father and left on the doorstep, abandoned by its mother, and then it was the only noun growing up in a house of verbs? And the verbs were always going out, doing lovely things, 'cause they're doing words and poor old obscurity was stuck inside suffering from asthma. And then after school it was surrounded by quotation marks, and got beaten up terribly. And then one day it entered a reality TV show and it became very famous, and it was much in demand, and used to describe all the people that leave the Big Brother house.

    • Rory: So they built a station, next to the power station you see there, which is the third worst eyesore in the country. It was a Country Life thing. You know what the first one was?
      Phill: People! The public people! The working class! Poorly-groomed servants! The ill-bred ponies! That Blair fellow!
      Stephen: If I find out you've been intercepting my mail...

    • Ronni: Do I get a little point for the railways?
      Stephen: You get five points for the railway and your astonishingly moving story about the early abuse suffered by the word 'obscurity'. And you also get the telephone number of a therapist.
      Alan: Too little too late, Stephen.

    • Phill: Third ugliest, second oldest... always the bridesmaid, Didcot...

    • Phill: I once pleasured a donkey to buy dinner in Belgium... no reason for saying that....
      Ronni: They are. They're really highly sexist women. They're always 'I first crossed the Gobi desert when I was 75 and that's when I met Abdul, who was 50 years my junior but went at it like a rabbit....'
      Stephen: Curved like a scimitar, it was...

    • Stephen: Two's up on your burn.
      Phill: Two's up on your burn?
      Stephen: Two's up.
      Phill: I swear, I'm getting an erection...
      Stephen: I have to say when I first arrived in prison I was a little discombobulated by the entire experience, as you can imagine... you have to give your fingerprints and take your clothes off and it's all very... it's just like public school, it's lovely.

    • Stephen: Alan, if you were knighted, what would the Queen say to you?
      Alan: Arise...
      (Alarm bells go off)
      Stephen: No, she wouldn't.
      Ronni: Are you sure she doesn't say 'No, I'm sorry, I have to draw the line somewhere.'?

    • Stephen: It's just a great, gassy thing, Saturn. Anyway, we'll never go there... at least I won't. Even if I could, I wouldn't. I'd say 'No, I'm not going to go there.'
      Alan: You can't get him into Suffolk.
      Stephen: Now that is true.

    • Phill: The reason dolphins don't drink is because with these they can't get the fridge open in the supermarket. (Mimics dolphin sounds) Dolphin in aisle 4. Can we have a mop-up, there's a dead dolphin in aisle 4. This keeps happening. He's by the Tizer.
      Rory: Get the nets out...! No...! Mind the tuna...! Don't get them as well!

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