Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2006 on BBC Two
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Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and guests discuss quite interesting topics beginning with 'D', particularly 'Differences'.

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      • Stephen: What's the difference between table tennis and ping pong?
        Jo: In table tennis you serve the ball with a bat, and in ping pong it's launched from the vagina of a Thai woman.

      • Julian: I had wind when I met the Queen.
        Stephen: What... uh... Did you... release it?
        Julian: I had to, and unfortunately I shat myself.
        Stephen: You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. So..?
        Julian: Well, she'd been there herself.
        Stephen: Had she?
        Julian: She just looked, gave me that look, and moved swiftly on.
        Stephen: It was a lineup after the show, you were at the--
        Julian: Yes, Royal Variety.
        Stephen: The curtains come in, all the artistes, and she's shaking peoples' hands. You, meanwhile, you've got a bubbling going on, or..?
        Julian: Well, it was just a little... smidge, as I thought. And I tried to get rid of it by internal squeezing, as can be done.
        Stephen: Are the muscles a little lax down there, at the moment?
        Julian: No, I had a smidge of wind, and um... tried to get rid of it, and it wasn't going to go, so I thought, well, I'd discretely let it go, and unfortunately, on that occasion, I shat myself.

      • Jo: If you ask a man to do something, he does it so horrendously thoroughly, that he can't do anything else at the same time. Just said to my husband the other weak, "Can you hoover the front room while I'm at the shops?", right? And I come home, all the furniture was out in the garden, he's on his hands and knees with the hoover, using an attachment I've never even seen before. And it just leads me to think that men are probably actually much better at housework than women. 'Cause women are sluts, and people don't realise that we are. But we are, I've got a pilot ready for a TV show which is actually about the truth of women's domestic capabilities, and it's called "F*ck it, that'll do".

      • Stephen: Jo, what would you say is in fact the difference between men and women?
        Jo: Is it that men are really great and women are really shit?
        Stephen: Oh, now, Jo...
        Jo: Oh no, sorry, that's the wrong way around.

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