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A few question 'traps' for them in the future

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    You know the questions where the obvious and expected correct answer is actually the wrong one. Well here are a few I happen to know myself I think they could use on the show

    Which country invented Marmite?

    Britain? Wrong, it was in fact a French scientist who discovered that spent brewers yeast could be processed into a savoury spread via adding salt and enzymes and that could be eaten on bread and both French & German food companies had experimented in trying to make such a thing (but failed) It was some 40 years later that a British food company then stumbled on this knowledge and tried themselves to do and ultimately succeeded and then made it into a marketable product which is now loved & hated by Brits today.

    What was the first motorway built and opened in Britain?

    M1? Wrong. It was a 5 mile stretch of road known officially as the Preston by-pass which was the first 'motorway' or road to be legally declared as such. It was a experiment by the government which was then followed by the construction of the M1. The Preston-by-pass was later incorporated and is now part of the M6.

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