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  • A intelligent quiz show

    Stephen Fry is the perfect host, with Alan Davies as his regular panelist on a show about interesting facts. This show manages to be educational and consistently funny. It also stays fresh due to having new guests each week . I would recommend this show to anyone anywhere
  • Superb show

    You can't get a gaming show as brilliant and as funny as QI! I've loved watching QI since my dad introduced the series to me and I try to watch it whenever I can. QI has become a family favourite which me and my dad have always watched together. No episode of QI is funnier without Jo Brand, Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock, Ross Noble and Dara O'Briain. It would not be the same without Alan Davies and Stephen Fry if they were to leave the show.
  • Stephen Fry is the best of the English

    I have been watching the BBC show QI for the last 6 months in South Africa, Stephen Fry has a great sense of humour and interacts with the other guests on the show superbly. His witty and yet very informed and fair comments on just about any subject really does inspire me, I have a renewed interest in general knowledge thanks to Stephen and if only I had been lucky enough to have a school teacher as interesting as Stephen is I would have gone on to obtain many degrees. I hope you will keep the show running as long as possible
  • Great

    I really love this show. It's my new favorite thing on the english television. It is great how it combines very informative facts with good humour. I like the guests, they select some decent ones which aren't boring at all. When I watch this show it truly relaxing, I love to learn new stuff and to brag with the line "hey! I knew about that!". And Alan Davies is the true star on the show, he makes it shine.. The host.. the man who is preseting, I don't remember his name.. it's kinda annoying sometimes and I don't like him I don't know why. Anyway, overall, it's a good show. Worths spending half of hour of your life for it.
  • A truly unique and quirky enjoyable quiz show

    I discovered QI in its first series and began watching it purely out of a love for Stephen Fry and Alan Davies. There is so much good stuff in this show, it's hard to pinpoint it all. But I shall do my best to try.

    Stephen Fry is the perfect host for this show and is able to show off both his considerable knowledge and intellegence as well as his incredible wit. This works brilliantly with Alan Davies' everyman persona, asking the questions we would and displaying the disbelief most of us feel at the facts Fry produces. The banter between the two is worth watching the show for alone.

    Of course the other panellists are also worthy reasons to tune in - regulars such as Bill Bailey, Rich Hall, Phil Jupitus, John Sessions and Jo Brand as well as the occasional surprise addition such as Rory Bremner, Richard E Grant and Roni Ancona keep the laughs flowing. There's always at least one good one-liner per episode and always an astonishing fact or two to remember for pub quizes.

    A rare gem of a quiz show in that it doesn't lose its shine after repeat viewing, QI is one of the most original and witty quiz shows ever to hit our screens and is always worth watching. Roll on the next 20 or so series.
  • My own personal perfect show.

    Someone has probed my brain...read that I like interesting facts, mixed with intelligent comedy with a small dollop of sexual innuendos (mostly from Jo Brand and Alan Davies) and a large serving of general silliness.

    Doesn't matter where I am, what I am doing, what mood I am in; if QI comes on the world stops while I watch it...even if I've seen it before. The DVD's to date grace my collection and are heavily being worn out.

    Stephen Fry is my ideal best friend...funny with a razor sharp wit and a worldy knowledge, we'd chat for hours.

    Alan's view of the world with (probably deliberate) child-like observations creates the perfect symbiotic relationship with Stephens' paternal affection for him. Which in itself creates the perfect duo.

    One personal gripe. More Bill Bailey!
  • Great show and incredibly interesting. If you're curious about the world and love to learn this show will captivate and entertain you. Ever since finding this site: http://www.watchqiepisodesonline.com/ I suffer from an ass lodged in front of my pc.

    Qi is a great entertaining but also informative show. The quality of the show often depends on the guest but there's allways a set standard with the permanent guest Alan Davis. The interaction between the professorial Stephen Fry and the playfull and funny Alan Davis make up a great part of the show's appeal.

    I can't possibly fathom how many useless things I got to know because of Qi. I know now that our earth has more then one moon,that there is a word that does rhyme with purple and why the giant tortoise never had a scientific name untill recently.

    Amazing show.
  • by far brilliant

    this show is the only show i know where after watching youre like wow i didnt know any of that how ignorant am i for thinking it lol, it bonds togeteher a lot of general knowldege with obviuos but true answers, noone but stepehen fry and alan davies could do it better, vere is mein handy? lol a favourite, the last season wasnt very good but mayb season g will be better, i am always enjoying this on bbc and the repeats on dave trus me after watching it you will be saying wow i dnt know that. absoloutely awesome.
  • A very different panel/game show!

    I am an absolute QI addict! Stephen Fry is the absolute perfect host for the show as he is so intelligent and very witty at the same time. The dynamic between him and Alan is great to watch. Especially when Alan inevitable sets the sirens going with almost all his answers! The show usually has great guests on and it's interesting to see the ones I always thought were clever get everything wrong, and to see what really random facts people seem to know! I like watching it and getting answers right. And even when I don't I always turn the Tv off afterwards feeling like I've just learnt so much while laughing so hard.
    Not many shows can say that!
  • Perfection

    This is possibly the best panel show amongst a very strong current bunch. Trying to think of why the show is good is tough; I would plump for the cast over the research, though. Fry and Davies have a great rapport, but my favourites are the other guests, particularly Phill Jupitus, Jo Brand, Bill Bailey and Sean Lock. Each has different strengths; Sean Lock is the everyman who has some trivia, Bailey knows a fair bit about nature and geography, yet has plenty of weird comments to offer. Jo Brand offers an adorable world-weariness and has the experience and confidence to chip in on any topic. My favourite quote of hers was about the friend who was asked, in a game of Trivial Pursuit, what two countries could you see from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. "Spain and India," Jo's friend said. Phill Jupitus is as good as Alan Davies, and could replace him if Davies ever chooses to leave.

    And I just realised I forgot David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Jeremy Clarkson, and so on.

    I've informed a few of my American chums about the show, and they love it too, despite the lack of some references.

    Perhaps the best praise I can give the show is that I've written 200 words about the show, yet haven't even bothered to talk about Stephen Fry. Above all else, he IS the show.
  • QI is a great quiz show unlike most others and has really made me laugh.

    Qi is a special quiz show because the point of the game is to not get the questions right but to just be interesting along the way.

    god dam this show is funny!this show is great for some laughs along the way and i find it a great source of information.what is really special about this show is that it draws you in with a lot of humor all throughout the show and then gives you a lot of information within the comedy.
    this show not only makes you laugh but also helps you learn interesting facts that add to your enjoyment of the show.this show has personally taught me a lot of interesting things that make me feel smart and so i watch more of this show and the jokes and comedy dtop me from getting bored of it all.

    this show is great for all who like a laugh and lust for information and i highly recomend it.
  • QI: Utile & Dulce

    QI is one of the best shows ever made. It combines some of the greatest comedians in Britain (Stephen Fry - need I say more?) with factoids that are Quite Interesting.

    So let's start with the people. Stephen Fry is a genius. Comic and otherwise. He is the best host this show could hope for, which is also the reason this format probably wouldn't work in another country. The one regular panellist is the utterly adorable Alan Davies. I love the chemistry between Fry and him. Fry seems genuinely proud when Alan manages to get an answer right. The other semi-regular panellists are brilliant as well. My favorite guests are, well, many of the people that have appeared most times. John Sessions, who has so many great anecdotes, and for whom the Luvvie Alarm was invented. Rich Hall, the grumpy American with a... different style of clothing. Jo Brand, the best female panellist QI has had. I love the way she seems completely unimpressed by everything Fry says, and tries her best to get as many forfeits as possible. Phill Jupitus, who tends to go on a little too long with his jokes, but has caused some of the greatest QI moments. Honorary mentions go to Bill Bailey, Sean Lock and Jimmy Carr. I think the reason this show works, is because none of the guests actually try to beat the rest. Everybody is just having fun, and the interestingness is just a side thing. And the same goes for me: this show is the ultimate example of utile et dulce, it combines great entertainment with facts that I can now randomly throw into any conversation. Yes, people think I'm weird, but they also think I know stuff about every possible subject. And I do, after seeing every episode at least twice. Brilliant show, and it will hopefully continue all the way through the alphabet.
  • QI is a great quiz show that keeps you laughing the whole way through and Stephen Fry makes the whole show work.

    QI is a quiz show with a difference. It brings comedy to it, a lot of comedy, which keeps you laughing the whole way through. It is also very informative as it covers unusual topics that usually make the scores go below 0. Stephen Fry has to be one of the best quiz show hosts there is and the humour is just superb. They have a great list of comedians that come on the show and the variety makes the show interesting every time you see it. I fully recommend this show to anyone as it is just one of the funniest shows I have seen and it leaves you begging for more.
  • QI: a quiz show with a twist.

    QI has been a favourite show of mine since it ever started 3 years ago. It astounded me how much i didn\'t know and in fact how ignorant to the facts we all actually are. Not only is it informitive with frankly useless fatcs but the comedy is phenomenal. With alan davies and stephen fry on every week youy\'re guaranteed many a laugh and with different comedians on every week there is no lack of variety from the sheer craziness of bill bailey to the \"sophisticated\" humour of sean lock.

    I strongly urge you to watch this show as you might learn something and you\'d definately have a laugh
  • The greatest quiz show

    QI is quite simply the greates game show there is around at the moment. The shows host, Stephen Fry, is perfect for the role because of his own personal intelect and his manner around the guests which portrays him as the headmaster of the local private boys school. Alan davies, the regular guest on the show, is also perfect and plays the kid that thinks he knows everything but they are all popular misconceptions. The remaing 3 guests are different each week but some of the greats include Bill bailey, Dara O'Brien and Rich Hall. Whoever is on, you know that you are going to enjoy yourself and wil be looking out for it in the future. It's a must see for anyone! Enjoy!
  • Comedians + interesting facts + funny buzzer noises = THE BEST SHOW EVER!

    QI is literally fantastic!! My 2 favourite things combined... comedians and interesting facts. After I watch it i'm always telling my friends what I found out. Stephen Fry is such a good presenter and the comedians who feature are immensely hilarious! Especially Sean Lock and Alan Davies. I love how they come up with the wildest, funniest and down right stupid wrong answers to cover up for their lack of knowledge in the questions... another thing there, the questions are quite hard and finding out the answer is always good. Watch this show... do it!... now!!
  • To be a teenager in this day in age is hard enough yet alone trying to bring up our kids now.

    To be a teenager in this day in age is hard enough yet alone trying to bring up our kids now. QI gives that sense of confidence to be able to cope and understand what can and could happen to any kids or adults in real life. I myself have had a few experiences like anyone else and too have this show in my life it is like a blessing.
  • This show never ceases to amaze, inform and make you seriously laugh.

    The concept of the show is simple, a quiz show where celebrity comedians are quizzed on interesting topics, by the host Steven Fry. But QI takes this to a new level, with the title of the show being QI (Quite Interesting) and also a play on IQ, you know that the questions are not going to be run of the mill. The emphasis for the panel in this show, is that their answers are rewarded for being Quite Interesting rather than necessarily being right. The show also brings up so many interesting facts that many asume they know, but as a matter of fact have been either missed taught or like the majority have just never questioned what is commonly believed to be right. This is a point scrutinised on the show, as the more obvious answers are penalised with minus points.

    QI is a perfect platform for Steven Fry and others to show how clever and witty they are. And believe me they are seriously witty. Personally I've found myself laughing so much I miss sections of the show.

    This is by far the best 'quiz' show around and with some very highly regarded comedians (Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Rich Hall and regularly featuring on the show its not surprising why it works so well.

    The show also threw up a few surprises about some of the celebrities on the panel. The episode with Rory McGrath on, was truely facinating, for those who don't know him, he used to be on the panel of 'They Think It's All Over' a television sports quiz broadcast on BB1. On that show he came across as a bit obtuse, but his appearance on QI blew me away, he just came across amazingly intellegent, remembering atomic numbers of numerous elements, latin names for birds, it was....well quite interesting!

    May the show continue for many more series'
  • Bizarre, surreal, at times hilarious; definitely more than Quite Interesting.

    I've always been a fan of Stephen Fry and never been particularly keen on Alan Davies. However Alan Davies even shines in this format. The idea is not only to get the answer right but to come up with something more interesting. What you think is the right answer is in fact 9/10 times wrong and your thinking will be challenged. How many moons does the earth have for instance? It turns out three. Which reminds me of one of Rich Hall's best jokes; When the question was asked, "Which man made objects on earth can be seen from the moon?" Rich Hall quipped, "Which one?" Maybe you had to be there.

    Anyway the Alan usually finishes last and with the exception of Jo Brand I don't remember seeing an unfunny guest. In fact if Jo Brand would stop appearing I'd give it a perfect score.
  • I love this show so much, it makes me laugh out loud and I learn so much!

    I adore this show with all my heart, I love the way the contestants interact with each other and sometimes I laugh so hard I cry. Not only that it is really interesting and you can use the things you learn off the show to impress your mates! Stephen Fry is also my hero and so seeing him in this makes me very happy indeed, Alan Davies isn't bad either. A lot of the guests I adore, Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr, Rich Hall, Sean Locke, Phil Jupitus and Dara O'Brien to name but a few.
  • Recently found out about this show and have now watched nearly every episode! Im now much more informed about the universe and am great fun at parties! Just hope they continue it for 26 years/seasons to get right through the alphabet! :)

    Recently found out about this show and have now watched nearly every episode!

    Im now much more informed about the universe and am great fun at parties!

    Just hope they continue it for 26 years/seasons to get right through the alphabet! :)

    Well done Stephen Fry and Alan Davies! You're both miracle workers!!!
  • i love stephen fry

    I love this show sooooooooooooo much. I never miss an episode. Stephen Fry is one of the greatest men ever to have lived, his interlect never ceases to amaze me, he is extremely funny and a great tv personality. The amount one can learn just from watching one episode of this tv show is amazing and it alters what is comonly percieved to be truth. Alan Davies makes us all feel good as he gives the answers we would all give and then gets corrected by the master of knowledge as we all would. The combination of these two characters has created a great success and the comedy they provide never stops and they banter humourously between themselves.
  • Cracks me up every time!

    Stephen Fry is god. Alan Davies his donkey. Or should I say ass..
    Wonderfull comedy once more from the BBC!

    I wonder about the fact that by the time they make it to the series in which they have to deal with the letter "Z" most regular guest let alone the presenter will by approaching their 70's...
    It'll be hard to try laugh and still keep your pee in at that age. But it'll be great fun for any viewer!
  • I hardly ever give a perfect score. This show deserves it.

    For me, this is the best show ever. I'm a lover of random, useless knowledge and this show has not only that, but some of the best quiz show comedy you can find.

    The loveable Stephen Fry hosts the quiz as the "QImaster" and asks the other panellists questions until they become interesting. Points are allocated where Stephen sees fit and the guests are rewarded for being interesting, rather than correct.

    Alan Davies, the permanent panellist, not only contributes his own brand of comedy (including Mexican accents), but also takes the plunge into the traps and pitfalls of the QI universe so we don't have to. Alan gracefully loses in nearly every episode and keeps us thoroughly amused in doing so, earning himself the new adjective 'adorkable' which has been invented and bestowed by his fans.

    The other 'contestants' hardly ever disappoint either, making QI probably the best show about 5 people sharing a friendly chat ever made. If you enjoy new factoids, terrible jokes, intelligent anecdotes, rubbish guesses, suspicious glances, alarm buzzers or you just want to see a certain permed individual lose time after time, you won't want to miss a single episode.
  • Great concept with Hilarity thrown in.

    Not only will this show repeatedly have you in stitches but you will also learn a lot of facts that everyone else gets wrong. Perfect for those who like to think they know everything - although people may not always believe what you have heard on the show.
    Alan Davies and Stephen Fry make a great duo, with Alan almost always ending up with minus points from obvious answers. Points are awarded not necessarily for being clever but for being interesting so QI is very entertaining to watch. I am eagerly awaiting another series but there are enough repeats on to get my fix.
  • Unique and hilarious show

    QI is a rather unique show. In essence a panel game show with comedy included (think Have I Got News For You), it's actually a lot more. The show focuses on trivial/cryptic questions being posed to the 4 panellists (one of which is always Alan Davies) by Stephen Fry, who have to attempt to work out the answer without giving any so-called obvious answers (which can result in minus points for the respective party). The show is at times informative, at times hilarious, and always thoroughly engaging, and quite frankly I can't wait for another series. One of the best panel shows on TV, highly recommended.