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  • Thank God for Duck Tales 17

    Well this is pretty bad. I'm just glade that the duck nephews got a second wind in Duck Tales 17, I know it's not supposed to be viewed as an actual reboot just a spin off sequel but It's pretty bad. Huey, Dewey and Louie were arguably bland characters in Duck tales but that doesn't mean they weren't charming and likable, here however they aren't at all. The design for Huey, Dewey and Louie look so force to look like cooler versions of them past selves not to mention they all have the same personality The cool bad boy archetype that has a thing in the mid 90's I guess. By the way while reading the wiki page for this review I can across this in the 2 paragraph "(They usually do this by tricking Donald, or whoever else they wish to manipulate)" Really gotta love the Word "Manipulate" when describing main characters. One thing I hate is that very often they visit Ludwig Von Drake, He's a good character but he only serves a purpose as the Sisters from Johnny test served for their inventions to be used for plot devices. I always hated things like that If your gonna call it "Quack Pack" The Quack Pack do something unique and adventurous not slap another character on their for the sake of having something to base episodes on. The Intro is pretty lame too it doesn't have the same catchy vibe as the other intro's did though in the later Disney Afternoon show's like this the shows began to stagnate. Donald is enjoyable, I constantly rooted for him because he has to put up with The triplets crap all the time as well for Ludwig Von Drake.
  • Awful

    An insult to Disney in general
  • Still A Great Series, Despite The Divergence From Past Series Featuring Ducks And Has Only A Few Flaws/Oddities.

    The first thing I'll mention and be another to point out a couple of the most, notable and questionable flaws/oddities in or with this Disney series. The fact that where the main cast lives here is still considered Duckburg, yet there aren't that many ducks who populate it like in Ducktales and there are many humans who do instead. I agree that that aspect is odd, dumb and not sensible. I don't mind the human characters, but if they're going to be featured alongside the duck characters, then why not have the ducks appearing with them in a new town or city? That would've been better rather than keeping the so-called "Duckburg" name. I'd like to know whose idea it was to still have Duckburg be the setting for the main ducks in this, regardless of the immediately apparent change. Also, what did happen to Uncle Scrooge and his money bank? It would've been nice to have that explained and resolved. Who knows for sure if whether there ever really were any plans for that to happen or not.

    Anyway, one of the things I like about the series in Daisy's appearance. This is the finest she's ever looked and I think that's her best. Also, the slapstick humor may be off-putting for some who don't expect that kind of humor from Disney, but then again this isn't the first time it was done on a show, movie or short by Disney (it's been ventured into that before, albeit rarely). Another great quality about this series is having Donald appear in his original, early design again in "Can't Take a Yolk", in which a side effect causes him to gradually regress in age, due to his nephews' doing in an attempt to get him to mellow out more. To name a favorite episode of mine is "Pardon My Molecules". If any of y'all don't mind the humor of this that's left-field for Disney, then I say jump on it and try to catch it online when y'all can. It's still a very interesting, different take on Huey, Dewey and Louie as teens. And I agree that for the aforementioned reasons it shouldn't be considered a true spin-off or successor series of Ducktales and Darkwing Duck. It's still worth checking out any way, if anyone can overlook the minor faults with it.
  • Quackpack follows the adventures of Huey, Dewie and Louie all nephews of Donald Duck. They like giving Donald a hard time, and are all teenagers. Donald is the camera man for a tv show called "What in the world?" and the anchor for the show is Daisy. Just

    For a person like me who grew up in the 90's this was one of my favorite shows. I remember I loved it so much in 1996 when it first came out. At the time my two favorite shows were Arthur and Quackpack. The show was funny and Donald Duck was hysterical. However I think this show was cancelled way to early. This show still had a lot of gas, and the characters in this show were great. Huey, Louie and Duey were all funny. Daisy is pretty good also as an egotistical news reporter. This show should have had atleast 3 or 4 more reasons. Ended way to soon.
  • I actually liked this show.

    I liked this show actually. I think some of the miscellanous characters could have been improved, but the main characters were well done. I thought it was a good idea to have the nephews as teenagers with different distinctions and interests. It made them easier to distinguish between. The main characters were alot more rounded than in past chartoons, and I really liked the shows version of Daisy, and giving Donald a new set of clothes was also a good idea.
  • These series are awesome, period

    In Quack Pack, the spin off of ducktales, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are teenagers - As they go on a series of funny and plot-twisting adventures, these series are becoming more awesome and awesome. Donald is a cameraman of the show which Daisy works as a journalist, "What in the world".
    That means that almost 1/3 of the episodes are trips sent from the "main journalist" of the show, Kent Powers, who is nothing but a wanabee.

    These series can give you pretty good laughs, and it's plot-twists make it even funnier and/or weirder.
    What I'm saying here is that if you haven't ever watched Quack Pack...

    ...You don't know what you're missing.