Quack Pack

Season 1 Episode 32

Transmission: Impossible

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 13, 1996 on

Episode Recap

While Huey, Louie and Dewey are watching TV at home, there's nothing to watch, one of the shows is "Wet Paint".

Then they found a parcel, that was the ninja tape that Donald ordered! While they are watching it, they broken the remote and

the TV was broken, while Donald is back, he ask them what happened and they quickly ran outside and bam!

While Huey, Louie and Dewey are watching TV, they tuned into a serect channel, the screen shows a museum, then the screen shows a diamond, and after a flash, the diamond was gone!

The gang then found the diamond and they decided to find Donald and tell him about the channel and the diamond.

Meanwhile, Donald and Daisy are having an interview with another museum owner, Huey, Louie and Dewey get into the museum and told Donald about the diamond, Donald don't believe in them. The owner of the museum told Donald that the diamond is just a piece of glass and he'll help them to throw away the "piece of glass".

Then Daisy said she would have it cause this "piece of glass" is beautiful.

Later that night, the gang were sitting on the sofa in Daisy's home, they're talking about Donald don't believe in them, Daisy then went on her car to phone Donald to come and have a talk with them (cause her phone is broken).

Meanwhile a ninja get into Daisy's house and he broke everything, after he found the diamond, he was gone. Daisy thought they broke them. Then Donald locked them in the room.

They escaped and they entered The Museum, they've found a ninja suit, they call the police, then the owner finds them and he tell them the truth:

He use his TV to steal things with a machine and a remote, with Channel 827, it can transmit anything with any CCTV.

Then he broke everything and then the police arrived, he said that they broke it.

And then, they are arrested.