TELETOON (ended 2002)


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  • Season 2
    • The Gambling Bug
      Episode 14
      Blazer gets hit by the gambling bug once more, and he loses the house and Frannie! It's up to Frannie to convice the mysterious Debt Collecter to give back her and the house, with a little help from some feminist books.
    • 1/1/02
      Reilly, looking to scam a quick buck, transforms himself into a smooth-talking, faith healing Preacher man, by convincing the guys there's a vision of the Virgin Mary in his breakfast omelet. Believers line up to catch a glimpse of the Blessed Eggs, while Reilly rakes in the donations. But when Sister Butch catches wind of the scam she calls in the Papal Investigators to bust his non-denominational ass!moreless
    • 2/2/01
      Spalding's parents are visiting from Australia, throwing Spalding into a tizzy. He's never gotten along with his dad and he's never told them he's gay! Griz has his own problems; the Health Inspector is coming to check out his bar. Franny agrees to pose as Spalding's girlfriend, but that backfires with disastrous results. Finally, Spalding admits he's gay Mom and Dad knew all along -- in fact, Dad is a transvestite! And Griz bar is saved when Spaldings mom, a neat freak, cleans it in the middle of the night.moreless
    • This episode centers on Riley trying to win a type of Special Olympics so he can become rich with a sponsership deal.
    • Lefty is cast in a horror movie, but he wants to act theatre-style.
    • Cain and Enabler
      Episode 11
      Riley tries to help big-time rock star Flem Fleming become sober, but there's one problem: Flem can't stop drinking, and he even convinces Riley to drink, too!
    • Cripple Challenge
      Episode 10
      The gang go on a reality TV show called CRIPPLE CHALLENGE and even Franny, but the only reason Franny's on the show is because of her breasts.
    • 0.0
      Riley needs a kidney transplant.
    • Griz Savant
      Episode 7
      Griz discovers his talent - he can play the piano - but this makes Lefty jealous, because he feels that he is the only one with any talent.
    • Riley's uncle Bob dies, and he leaves Riley a bunch of money. At the same time, the St. Germaine rubies are stolen, and all evidence points to Riley. The Quads have 24 hours to clear Riley's name and find the real criminal. The real criminal is the one you wouldn't expect..moreless
    • Gray Matter
      Episode 5
      Riley dresses up as Mrs. Venables to assure that the pension checks keep coming, but when her living quarters are "undesirable", she is taken to a nursing home and gets stoned, and Spalding, Lefty, Blazer, Griz and Fontaine have to break him out.
    • Trial and Error
      Episode 4
      Blazer meets a girl at a rave, and when she's found dead the next morning, everyone thinks Blazer killed her! It's up to the quads - with a little help from their lawyer - to clear Blazer's name.
    • 0.0
      Liz Bromberg needs to enhance her social climbing, and to do so, she need to have sex with an African man, and for her luck Fontaine is available to help her. Fontaine starts to dub about this arrangement due his superstitions that his sexual powers could cause a catastrophe, and it did when a mysterious Cuban missile is launched near the Maimed Manor.

      On a side story Reilly is aroused about Franny´s new find spirituality.moreless
    • 0.0
      Riley forgets Frannie's birthday, and she meets a lesbian at a cafe. Riley becomes concerned after Frannie spends more time with the lesbian then with him. In the end, Riley has to win her back.
    • The Church of Riley
      When Lefty fasions an omlette that looks like the Virgin Mary, Reily displays it as a get-rich-quick scheme. To sell his newfound "religious beliefs", Reily becomes a minister, drawing people from all over for his sermons and to see the omlette. His only opposition is Sister Butch, who tries to stop him at any means nessacery.moreless
  • Season 1