Quantum Leap

Season 3 Episode 12

8 1/2 Months

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Mar 06, 1991 on NBC

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  • Billy Jean and her baby!

    Sam leaps into Billy Jean Crockett, a pregnant teen and has to figure out who is really in labor himself or Billy who's 40 years into the future with Al. He also decides to keep the baby rather than put it up for adoption but now has the problem of who will help Billy raise it. Hmmm. I couldn't help but think this Billy Jean, who's her lover? She's just a girl who might think Michael Jackson is the one but the kid is not his son. Maybe it is just Sonny Crockett's. lol!
  • Sam in labour ... classic

    I knew from the ending of the last episode that this was one to watch. You think you've seen it all and I bet Sam thought he'd done it all. Al as always is there to lend a helping hand and be very suportive but on occasion I think Sam just wants to hit him. I liked the idea for this episode. Not only is it hilarious to watch but it seemed challenging for Scott Bakula and to see him working through those challenges is amazing and vital to the brilliance of the show. Can Quantum Leap get any better? Guess not.
  • Sam leaps into a teenage girl in labor. Later on, when Al shows up he tells him all about her. Unfortunatedly, Sam's a little busy with the nausea pukees and fatigue(Al's words)Sam reaches out to the father,and does everything he can to keep the baby.

    I think Scott Bakula was superb in this episode. Not only did we get to see him as a future mom, but we actually saw him feel like one! (Not to mention giving birth!) His emotions were so clear and amazing for an actor to perform. Only a woman can know exactly what goes on during pregnancy, but Scott did such a job that you could easily think he actually was pregnant. I know, it was his job, but I'll tell ya, not all actors could have pulled that off that well!
    Dean Stockwell was awesome, but then again he always was on the show. I just loved Al's mockery lifestyle. He lived an "excentric" life (as he would put it), and still managed to be a good, sensible, and respectable person. I don't think he could have become Almirant if it was all about the jokes!!
    During this episode Al keeps telling Sam how impossible it all is, and Sam keeps trying to convinve him otherwise. At the end, he gives up trying and politely tells Al to "Go to hell!"