Quantum Leap

Season 3 Episode 18

A Hunting Will We Go

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 18, 1991 on NBC



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    • Al: There are five stages of love: the first is denial, then the second is sex, then there's acceptance, then there's divorce, and then there's more sex, if you're lucky.
      Sam: Who wrote this textbook, you or Zsa Zsa?

  • Notes

    • Interestingly enough, throughout the entire series, Lauren Tom (Friends, "Julie"), Jane Sibbett (Friends, "Carol"), and Jennifer Aniston (Friends, "Rachel") all had one episode guest appearances on this show.

      Two weeks before this episode was aired, Lauren Tom appeared in "Southern Comforts" and Jennifer Aniston appeared in season five's "Nowhere To Run". Julie, Rachel, Carol: Three of Ross's ex-girlfriend/wives.

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