Quantum Leap

Season 2 Episode 12

Animal Frat

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 03, 1990 on NBC
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October 19, 1967: Trapped in the body of Knut Wileton, better known as "Wild Thing", the typical frat jock, Sam must win the confidence of an attractive campus radical before she bombs the college's chemistry building as a protest against the war in Vietnam.

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  • Frat Boy Sam

    I like the way that the writers have Sam leap into someone,and into a setting that reminds us of pop cultures.When Sam leaps into an overweight Frat Boy,and I hear the 1960's Music,and see the dancing to that Music I was reminded of the hit Movie "Animal House".The plot in this episode is different from the Movies plot.There would be later episodes that would start out with what appears to be a send-off of famous Movies.moreless
  • Sam is the popular member of a fraternity and a stereotypical sports jock. He must win the trust of a anti-war protestor and prevent her from blowing up the college's chemistry building.moreless

    A great episode. Sam leaps into a popular, if not a bit, stereotypical college student who has far more in common with "Animal House" then the attractive left-wing, peace activist he must prevent from blowing up a college building, killing someone in the process.

    This episode deals primarily with the Vietnam War and how, in the late 1960s, some of the protesters against the war were abandoning Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's message of change through non-violence, in favor of direct, often violent, action.

    As luck would have it, the person Sam leaped into has no credibility with the college radicals. While trying to prevent violence, Sam gets the opportunity to indulge in some of the wild activities that eluded him when he originally went to college. Sometimes the balance between the show's historical drama and more "Animal House" based comedy seems a bit forced. But this is a great episode.moreless
Dean Stockwell

Dean Stockwell

Rear Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci

Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula

Dr. Samuel "Sam" Beckett

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Sam's frat buddies are helping launch the bomb at the end of the episode, you can see the wire the explosive is hanging from when it explodes.

    • As the frat boys are running out of the girl's bathroom after dropping in the cherry bombs, Scott Bakula visibly bumps into Dean Stockwell.

    • This is a common goof when ladders are against window sills in movies & TV. When Sam falls backward away from the window, you can clearly see from the trajectory that the ladder is only 2 or 3 feet high. A real extention ladder would have made a wide outward arc (which is difficult to simulate realistically).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Sam: Al? Did I do this stuff when I was in college?
      Al: You were only 16 when you were in college, you were a Mega Nerd....

    • Guna: There's a bomb in the chemistry building. That's right. There's a bomb in the chemistry building. Not a blonde, a bomb. Geez, these guys can't even get a prank right!

    • Sam: I guess I don't know how to have fun, if that's what fun is.
      Al: Sure you do. Look, nobody has fun all the time... not even me.
      Sam: Well, there's a news flash.

    • Guna: Now, there's a taco I'd really like to sink my teeth into... if she weren't such a dip!

    • Sam: I am the great Tau-Waii Kappa-Lua Beta-Hiti, God of the Luau. Let no man refuse my hospitality tonight, lest he shall be forced to suffer through the death of the 1000 limbos.
      Al: Bimbos.
      Sam: Bimbos. Therefore, my children, go. Eat with your fingers. Drink with your toes. Dance with your lips until the dawn smiles down upon your warm, unconscious bodies. I am Tau-Waii the great Kappa-Lua Beta-Hiti, God of the Luau and I leave you with this message, T-K-B is the life for me!

    • Duck: You know man, you're like glass. I see right through you.

    • Al: Well, he's an art major. Some kind of a sculptor.
      Sam: Probably works in beer cans.

    • Drunken Party Goer: Wild Thing... you throw the greatest parties of any fraternity! [throws up] Excuse me.

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