Quantum Leap

Season 1 Episode 6

Double Identity

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 21, 1989 on NBC

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  • Leaping into a virile mob hitman in 1956, Sam is unsure what his goal is, but is having an affair with the girlfriend of a Mafia don. Not one of my all-time favourites, but a really good episode in itself – If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'...

    This review contains spoilers.

    Although I didn't consciously realise it when I first saw it (many years ago now), and although it is not one of my all-time favourite 'Quantum Leap' episodes, "Double Identity" is a very strong, and very likable, first season entry.

    According to the production code, this was the first regular episode produced after the Pilot. And seeing as it is the first standard hour-long episode, where the show was still finding its niche, it hits the ground running.
    Although it takes a few minutes to really get going, once it does, it turns into a really likable tale.

    The guest cast in this one is good. I particularly like Terri Garber as Teresa, the girl that mobster Frankie (who Sam leaps into) is having a relationship with. But I did feel that Joe Santos (best known for playing Detective Dennis Becker in 'The Rockford Files', but also seen in a great variety of other roles) was a little underused.

    The story is a likeable one, and one of those that actually seems (even) better on hindsight. I love the scene with Sam going into the women's hairdressers, and being forced shaven and having to quickly learn Italian from Al (you'll get what I mean if you've seen the episode).

    There are several notable occurrences regarding the structure of the series, with this story (maybe partly to do with it being the first regular hour-long instalment, where the template for the show was still being settled upon). The Quantum Leap Project leads a major attempt to try and return Sam into his own body and time; although there would be occasional attempts at this throughout the series, the one here is the most prominent that it would ever be in the show's run.
    Also, at the climax of the episode, partly brought on by the attempt to return Sam home, Sam leaps from one character to another. Again, this is the only time that this concept was used; with just a couple of notable exceptions, Sam would remain as one character for the entirety of a story.

    This episode might not quite make my Top 10 favourite QL episodes, but as a first season story, where the show was still experimenting and finding it's footing, it does really well. In fact, I'd forgotten just *how* good it is, until coming to watch it again today on DVD to review. I give "Double Identity" a favourable 9.0 out of 10.
  • Great, great episode. Defintely one now to miss!

    When I was younger I always watched this show and now that I have bought the first season, I can't resist telling everyone how great the show is. Al and Sam are just too funny. There characters are just...amazing. Scott and Dean work very well together.

    Scott did an excellent job of sing Volare as his character in the episode. Love how he was a mobster. Too funny.

    The first episode wasn't one of my favs but I think this was my first favorite Quantum Leap episode. This wwas the first episode that I wanted to watch again. It was definitely one you didn't want to miss. The show is just..too funny. It really is. I think that anyone that likes to laugh would enjoy Quantum Leap. It's a shame reruns are rarely on becuase I would so be watching them if they were. Great, great episode and one to watch if they show reruns.
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