Quantum Leap

Season 2 Episode 19

Leaping in Without a Net

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Mar 28, 1990 on NBC

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  • Good stuff...

    Not my favorite, but there were interesting things about this episode. The fortune teller being able to sense all the people Sam had come in contact with during his leaps was a good scene. And of course I loved the scene where Eva discovered who she thought was her brother didn't always sleep in shorts. Cute. :-)
  • Good Episode

    I think that this was another good episode of Quantum Leap. This episode had some cool parts in it. It was cool to see all of the people in the carnival and it was cool to see Sam try to do those tricks. I was glad at the end of this episode because Sam caught the girl and she didn't die. I also like going to the carnival so it was cool to see an episode about Sam working at one. Overall this was an good episode of Quantum Leap and the Second Season which had a lot of good episodes.
  • This isn't one of my favorite episodes, but it still has some quality moments in it.

    Leaping in Without a Net isn't one of my favorite episodes of Quantum Leap, but it does have some good elements within it. One of my favorite scenes takes place when Sam is dragged into the carnival fortune teller's tent, and she can see all of the souls of the people he has Leapt into. She also says that he received his prediction about the future from an "angel," which adds a little more credibility to Sam and Al's theory that God has taken control of the Project.

    However, the main plot of the episode doesn't intrigue me at all. Sam has to overcome a newfound weakness - acrophobia - in order to save the life of a trapeeze artist. Along the way, he mends the Panzini's relationship with one another, which was strained when the mother was accidently killed during an act. Everytime Sam and Eva Panzini practice the death-defying stunt, Sam is unsuccessful in catching here, and the final chance is shot in that slow-motion sequence that always aggravates me.

    Still, Stockwell has his usual witty dialogue and Eva's(played by Fabiana Udenio)character is well-played. I'm just not fond of the trapeeze-artist storyline.