Quantum Leap

Season 5 Episode 1

Lee Harvey Oswald (1)

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 22, 1992 on NBC



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    • Continuity: During Sam's second leap after he tells Al about learning to drive a tractor, the rifle moves from Sam's hands to over his shoulders.

    • Factual Mistakes: The actor they picked to play Lee Harvey Oswald looks nothing like the real Oswald! The producers should have been a little more selective in finding someone that looked more like the historical Oswald.

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  • Notes

    • When Sam is field-stripping the M-1 he says "I can stop the assassination", but when he says that in the DVD, his mouth isn't moving.

    • The two Lee Harvey Oswald episodes were originally aired as a single two-hour episode.

      On the subsequent DVD release, this episode is presented as such.

    • This leap marks the first time Sam leaps into someone who directly affects history on a truly historical scale.

      Sam's previous leaps all have him leaping in to affect individual lives that only have personal relevence within the leap.

      Leaping into Oswald is the first of several leaps this season to have Sam interact with History through his relationship with historical figures. Others this season are:
      "Lee Harvey Oswald"
      "Dr. Ruth"
      "Goodbye, Norma Jean" and
      "Memphis Melody".

    • NBC promoted the episode as "Quantum Leap: The Oswald Conspiracy".

    • This episode (and Part II) demonstrates what it is like for Sam whenever he leaps--it is obviously instantaneous to him, though to those in the future monitoring him, he can be gone for days at a time between leaps, according to the Pilot Episode.

    • Look for Oswald to have a brief encounter with a Marine named Bellisario. This depicts a real meeting between Bellisario and Oswald.

    • A new hi-tech arrangement of the opening theme is used in all episodes this season except for the series finale. This opening is replaced by the season four opening sequence and the original arrangement of the QL theme on the Sci-Fi channel airings of these episodes.

    • This episode is also known as "Leaping On A String" and "Leap to Judgement".

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