Quantum Leap

Season 5 Episode 21

Memphis Melody

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 20, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Michael St. Gerard also played Elvis in the movies Heart of Dixie and Great Balls of Fire.

    • In this episode, Sam sings several songs:
      Amazing Grace,
      Blue Moon of Kentucky, and
      Baby, Let's Play House, all songs sung by Elvis Presley.

      Other Elvis songs That's Alright Mama, My Happiness, That's When Your Heartarches Begin, Blue Christmas, Heartbreak Hotel, and Jailhouse Rock are all mentioned but not sung.

    • When Sam is outside the recording studio, Al has a reflection in the window.

  • Quotes

    • Al: Sam, you're not supposed to be a duo! You're turning the king of rock and roll into Donny and Marie!

    • Sam: [voice over] 1954 was an age of innocence. A time when people still believed in the American Dream. I realized that I had leaped into a man that personified that dream. A man who went from being a truck driver to a superstar overnight. Walking a mile in Elvis Presley's Blue suede shoes before he became the idol of millions made me realize he was just a normal person. I kept wondering if he would have been happier if he had stayed that way.

  • Notes

    • Actor John Boyd West plays his own father, Bobby Gene "Red" West, in this episode. West was one of Elvis Presley's closest personal friends. He went on to become a driver for Elvis and his band and an accomplished songwriter.

    • Several leaps this season to have Sam interact with history through his relationship with historical figures. Others this season are:
      "Lee Harvey Oswald"
      "Dr. Ruth" and
      "Goodbye, Norma Jean".

    • The girl praying in the diner is played by Chelsy Bakula who is the real life daughter of Quantum Leap's star Scott Bakula.

    • Scott and Gregory Itzin would later work together on two episodes of "Star Trek: Enterprise."

    • Bakula does all his own singing in this episode, doing a fair amount of justice to two of the King's early hits...

    • Michael St. Gerard also played Elvis in the 1990 miniseries of the same name.

    • John Boyd West is the son of Red West.
      Red West costarred in "Baa Baa Black Sheep" with director James Whitmore Jr.

    • Just before Sue Ann is to perform, the announcer tells us about "Little Billy C.", a reference to Bill Clinton.

  • Allusions

    • While Elvis (Sam) is offstage, the announcer can be heard announcing the saxophonist who just finished playing was "Bill C. from Hope, Arkansas." This is a reference to President Clinton.

    • All Shook Up

      The term "shook up" or "all shook up" is used several times and by different characters during this episode. Not surprisingly, "All Shook Up" was a hit song by Elvis.

    • Al: Sam, you're not supposed to be a duo! You're turning the king of rock and roll into Donny and Marie!

      This refers to the pop singing duo from the '70s Donny and Marie Osmond. They also enjoyed success with their own variety show entitled Donny and Marie.