Quantum Leap

Season 5 Episode 22

Mirror Image

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 05, 1993 on NBC

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  • Good Series and Almost a Good Final Episode

    Every episode Sam Becket is helping others, in this final episode he helps Al by saving his marriage in the past. I assume they didn't know that this was going to be the last episode, because if they did they definitely could've had Sam return home to his family. It wouldn't be a hard or expensive scene, so they must have not known and added those titles when they found out. Still they could've at least said that he returned home, because the end made him seem dead or stuck in leaping into others to help them.
  • The last episode, many questions, and a feeling of being let down just a little...

    Understandably not a good ending as the producers were apparently thinking they would be back next season - so the cliffhanger became an end. I do wonder where it was set to go next episode...?

    Some very interesting things come up in this episode. Sadly there is too little Sam and Al together time and when they do get together there isn't a more meaningful final conversation, although Al saying he'll do whatever it takes to get Sam back is lovely. Very little Al time at all, in fact. The identity of the other leaper is also not revealed - though I guess it could be Sam.

    There is also the matter of Sam's body no longer in the waiting room - so this is an interesting change of the rules, which makes the idea of the next season that never was so intriguing.

    In the end I could have lived with the final card stating Sam never made it home, but it was just very abrupt. Having him go back to correct Al's life is a lovely end. I read a script somewhere that had a final scene with Al and his wife looking at a photo of their daughters and Al saying he's got to go find Sam, and his wife telling him she understands as he leaves for the Quantum Leap Lab. To me, just having the scene would have been a better ending, giving us a view of the new Al's life (rather than telling us with a card) and giving us hope that things would continue with both Sam and Al together.

    In the end the story was about both Al and Sam righting the wrongs, and I needed to see more of a resolution with both of them. As I didn't, I feel just a little let down but not by the plot, just the way it was done.

    In saying that, it was still a good episode and a must-see for anyone that has watched the others. It still brings a tear to my eye when I watch it. I just wanted a little bit more.
  • in this episode sam leaps into a mineing town on the day he was born and he looks in a mirror and sees himself al has trobles finding him because his body is not in the waiting room.

    THis episode is a weak ending for the series it was kind of funny that al couldn't find sam and needed to stand in the waiting room with that vortex thing swinging around him and he was getting sick the idea that sam was leaping himself around in time was just stupid if he was doign it eh would have leaped home at the beginning it was also stupik that sam stop al's first wife beth form geting remarried when al was mia in viatnam so al was never got married 5 time but, only once that just ruins everything.

    I totally agree with txpsycho (below) I am sure we all wanted a happy ending for Sam, he to be reunited with his wife… (As Al was). The bar man (the other Al/God i think)said it was up to him when he leap home, I thought Sam would have want back saved Al's marriage, then returned to his own time living "with the story book ending" he was talking about.

    Quantum leap faced the problems no other show did like racism, Sexism, Homophobia and all the discriminations in the time frame Sam was in, and for that the show will be one of my all time favourites. Quantum leap…love it.
  • very sad how it ended

    growing up i watched this series .and now that i'm older i've found myself looking fo all the seasons on dvd . i wish there were more shows like this on tv . we need more shows with good moral values, even if it is a little corney. the end almost made me cry when it told you dr. sam becket never returned home.i liked how they put alot of the charecters from past shows in the bar. all the people he helped truely helped him in the end.to realize he needed to change al's life for the better. he did so much good you would think he would have returned home at the end.
  • A great series comes to an end with some questions left unanswered

    In this series finale, the episode begins with Sam finally seeing his own image when looking in a mirror. From there it is revealed to us that Sam is in a bar in a coal-mining town where things seem all too familiar and Al, the bartender, knows more than he is letting on. Sam meets miners named Gooshie and Ziggy and even sees some familiar faces from past leaps. Sam realizes there is more than meets the eye and tries to put the pieces together. Why has he been leaping? Who or what has been leaping him? Will he be able to get home? Sam asks these questions and we are eager for the answers just as much as he is. At the end of Season 2 we were introduced to Al's first wife Beth. She remarried while Al was M.I.A. in Vietnam and we see this storyline revisited with a stirring conclusion. It's sad to see such a great television show come to an end especially since Sam Beckett was the consummate hero, putting right what once went wrong. Unfortunately, Sam never gets to make it home.
  • Sorry to see it end.

    One of the best episodes that was ever written. Quantum Leap was and still is one of the best science fiction series ever concieved. It was a crime to end the series there was so muc more that they could have done with it, and it could have so easily been turned into a movie!
  • Bizarre episode, but bless Bellisario for that ending.

    For those of us who were emotionally wrecked by the final minutes of "M.I.A." (the season two finale), the ending of this episode was an unbelieveably beautiful way to end the show.

    I was always an on-and-off viewer, so the episode itself - which seemed to require a true fan's devotion to fully appreciate - didn't really do much for me. But after having the "Al was a Vietnam P.O.W." knife twisted in me twice in the span of three episodes back in 1990 ("M.I.A." and the Part 2 of "The Leap Home"), I think I may actually have said, "No way" out loud to the TV when Sam made that final leap of the series.

    Three years is quite a wait for redemption and resolution, but what a way to go out.
  • An Ending. A show that could have gone on forever had to end.

    This was an episode that showed us the end...without showing us the end at all. We got to understand the Leaping a little better but it still kept Sam in a fog of good. It was a good episode to end with, but this is a show that could have gone on for alot longer. Each leap was a leap into a new story and a new person and a new chance to show us the audience a new point of view. That was the beauty of the show.