Quantum Leap

Season 5 Episode 8

One Little Heart; Trilogy, Part 1

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 17, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Al: How do you know that someone pushed him?
      Sam: I don't know anything and I won't know anything until the town doctor comes back and does an autopsy OR you and Ziggy get me some data!
      Al: Hey…hey…take it easy will ya!
      Sam: I can't take it easy. I'm too frustrated ok? I've been trying to get answer all day and I can't get any from anybody today – especially you!
      Al: Ok. Just a sec. I'm doing the best I can, you know.

    • Al: You're a male, of the Caucasian persuasion, fortyish, and you're a … what is this…er…Sheriff…you're a Sheriff of a small town.
      Sam: Al…Al…I know that okay? My last name is Fuller, I've got a daughter named Abagail. Now tell me something I don't know!

    • Al: Sweet kid. That's such a great age around nine or ten.
      Sam: Shhhh!
      Al: So who's gonna hear me? When is the last time a hologram woke someone up?

    • Abagail: Daddy?
      Sam: Yeah?
      Abagail: Tell me all the ways that you love me.
      Sam: Well…I love you like the stars love the sky…like the sea loves the sand…like the flowers love the bees.
      Abagail: I love you, Daddy.

    • Bo: So what are you gonna tell Leta?
      Sam: That he's dead.
      Bo: Yeah, she damn near ripped your ears off the last time you brought Bart home when he was alive.
      Sam: Well, maybe we should get the autopsy started before we call her.
      Bo: Not an ice cube chance in hell. The boys don't got a phone and Doc Kinman and Daisy are out in the boonies delivering that baby. Do you think that woman can drop that baby after delivering sixteen?
      Sam: Sixteen?
      Bo: Sixteen – seventeen?

  • Notes

    • When Sam leaps in, he is standing over the body of a man while holding what he believes to be the murder weapon. This is reminiscent of the Season One episode "Play It Again, Seymour" leap-in, where Sam leaps in to find himself standing over a dead man while holding a gun. In both cases, he is a man who did not commit the murder and was on friendly terms with the deceased.

    • The leap date of the Season One episode "The Color of Truth" is also August 8, 1955.

      Both dates mark Sam's second birthday.

    • W.K. Stratton also appeared in Quantum Leap's first episode ("Genesis") as Dr. Berger and in episode 26 ("Good Night, Dear Heart") as Sheriff Roundtree.

    • The director of this episode (and the other episodes in the trilogy), makes a cameo appearance as Clayton Fuller/mirror image in Part 1. He is an alumni of the 70's WWII show Black Sheep Squadron. Also in this episode, another Black Sheep Alumni makes a guest appearance, W.K. Stratton. Stratton plays the lawyer in the first two installments of the trillogy. In the third installment he is the mirror image as Sam leaps into the lawyer.

  • Allusions

    • When Sam and the doctor are discussing what might have killed Aider, Al makes reference to Sherlock Holmes.

      Sherlock Holmes is a famous fictional sleuth in books written by British penman Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes is trademarked for his use of "deductive reasoning" to solve crimes, oftentimes looking past initial evidence to discover the truth.