Quantum Leap

Season 5 Episode 11

Promised Land

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 15, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Sam and Al are talking at the conclusion of the episode, there is an Elk Ridge police car in the foreground. The lightbar on the roof is a long rectangle and reaches from one side of the roof to the other. In 1971, this type of lightbar did not exist. The lights in use at that time where either a single or double roto-beam unit.

  • Quotes

    • Sam: How could you do it? How could you steal all those peoples' land?
      Vernon: What you call stealing, I call business.
      Al: Oh, what a nozzle! I'd like to grab his Adam's Apple and pull it out his nose!

    • Al: (As Sam stares intently) Sam, I know that look.
      Sam: What look?
      Al: What look? That look! The "I'm gonna save the world" look.

  • Notes

    • This leap finds Sam in his hometown of Elk Ridge, Indiana.

      This marks the second time in the series where he leaps into the location, the first being Season Three's opening episode "The Leap Home", where Sam leaps into a 16-year-old version of himself.

      In both episodes, Sam immediately considers himself "home" and considers failing his mission so he can stay in Elk Ridge and discontinue leaping.

      Sam sees his father at the end of this episode (Scott Bakula reprises the role).

  • Allusions

    • Al: Well, maybe next time you'll leap into Carl Lewis or something.
      Carl Lewis is an African American track and field star who has won 10 Olympic medals (9 of which were gold), most in sprinting.