Quantum Leap

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 30, 1991 on NBC

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  • Episode addressing rape...

    This episode deals with the issue of rape from the victim's point of view. It is painful to watch, but getting to see Sam beat the crap out of Kevin in the end makes it worth watching.
  • Sam has been given a virtually impossible task in not only standing in for the rape victim, which crime he did not experience, but conveying the crime to the court in such a way as to help win the case.

    This episode is a very painful, but pivotal episode. It shows an unfortunate truth, not only of rape but of the stereotypes that surround it. The victim is usually demonized as a "bad" or "wild" woman, and every act is scrutinized. Often it is blamed on her being "out so late" dressed in a "alluring" way, "coming on" to the rapist, etc. And when the rapist is from a well known or respected family, even more difficult.
    The realism and compassion shown in this episode are outstanding. Even Al, in his (usually) outrageouse outfits, stands in silence, gently supporting the victim as she gives her testimony, totally unlike his usual mocking, irreverent self, and suddenly you realize that he is as much a believer in what Sam is doing, and as passionately committed to it, as Sam himself.
  • Sam leaps into a girl who has just been raped. But instead of people being on the girl side they don't believe the man who is accused of this is responsible. Her family try to talk her out of testifying but Sam is determined this man must pay

    This episode is really well written. It covers a period in time when rape was viewed much differently and the social issues are really well portrayed. In this episode Sam wants to testify in court to get the man who raped the girl he leapt into put away. But he feels he cannot go to court and be put in the witness box to tell of something he did not see or experience. He needs Al to find a way to get the girl in the waiting room able to talk to him so he can retell her story. This shows a different angle of what they can do with their technology. The ending is amazing its very empowering.