Quantum Leap

Season 5 Episode 17

Revenge of the Evil Leaper

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 23, 1993 on NBC

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  • To Observe No More

    Sam and Alia leap into inmates at a women's prison, who have been wrongly accused of killing a fellow inmate. Zoey has leaped into the male prison warden and is determined to find and exterminate Alia for her betrayal.

    This puts Sam and Alia in the difficult position of trying to escape from prison, clear their name and hide from Zoey (and her hologram observer) .

    Luckily , Al is able to hide Alia (temporarily) and one of the prison guards is willing to help Sam and Alia escape. In the end justice is served, but Sam and Alia do not leap together. In fact this is the last time in the series that Alia is seen or heard from again.

    The introduction of the 'Evil Leapers' in contrast to the Project Quantum Leap was a good addition to the series. It made sense that other people were interested in time travel, and it made the leaps more complicated for Sam.

    Unfortunately, the series never really explained much about the Evil Leapers. It is implied that they are working with the devil in order to change history for the worse. When bad Leapers Failed, their punishment was torture.

    When this episode ends, Alia leaps somewhere, but Al is not able to say where (when?), except that she is safe. Zoey also leaps, perhaps to be tortured for her failure.

    Yet, I doubt that Zoey and Alia were the only people working for the Evil Leaper project. Zoey has a hologram assistant, and it would seem logical that more members of this evil group would cross paths with Sam again. However, the entire Evil Leaper storyline is just dropped.