Quantum Leap

Season 3 Episode 22

Shock Theater

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 22, 1991 on NBC

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  • Great episode

    Scott really shows his acting skills in this episode where he has to switch from character to character. Al provides a bit of comedic relief with "Alphabet Rap". :-)
  • Sam leaps into a mental patient, who also is named Sam, and is given an electric shock that makes him believe he is the people he has leapt into in the past.

    This a cool episode that also gives you an glimpse of Scott Bakula's acting range. In this regular shows he’s these people but he looks and acts like Sam but in this show he still looks like Sam but has to act like these people.

    It also good to find out that kids, animals and mental patients can also see Al. I wouldn’t rate this as the “all time best episode” but it a very good one.

    You also get to see Sam’s and Al’s emotional dependence on each other and have to love how Al steps up to complete the mission Sam can’t and how hard he’s fighting to keep Sam in contact with Sam when the personality changes are affecting the Sam’s brainwaves.