Quantum Leap

Season 1 Episode 7

The Color of Truth

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 03, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the leap in at the end of the previous episode Sam leaps into Jesse already sitting at the lunch counter.  At the beginning of this episode Sam leaps in at the door walking into the restaurant.

    • When Sam first enters the car, he gets up to see his new face in the rear view mirror. For a very brief moment you can see Scott Bakula's hat obscuring the person he has leaped into.

    • Trivia: This episode is the first in which Sam leaps into a black man.

    • In a nice touch, Sam forgets to turn off his turn signal. In this time period, most car turn signals did not automatically shut off.

    • When Sam comes out of the jail house the reflection in the glass is his not Jessie's.

    • In the cemetery scene, Al casts a shadow on the ground, which should not happen because he is a hologram.

  • Quotes

    • Sam: If the truth be known, once I got into it, quantum leaping turned out to be a lot of fun. So far, I've been able to save two lives, one ball game, and a pig. I fought for the faith of a nun and against the mob, put together three couples, a father and daughter, and the lyrics for "Peggy Sue." Like I said, stepping into someone else's shoes can be a lot of fun.

    • Sam: Of all the people I've leaped into, Jesse should have been the strangers. But there was something very comfortable about him-like putting on a pair of your favorite shoes or a jacket you've broken in just right.

    • (to Sam, as a black man)
      Al: I've seen things that would curl your hair. No pun intended.

    • Clayton: I swear, you got ears like a hawk.
      Ms. Melanie: I'm old, not dead.

    • Nell: I'm gonna sit at that counter some day... and I'm gonna drink from the white fountain and, and ride in the front of the bus and do all the things that make white folks mad.
      Sam: Is that why you wanna do it, to make 'em mad?
      Nell: Yep, and 'cause it's right.

    • Sam: I'd heard of chitlins, of course. I thought they were one of those rare Southern delicacies that taste as good as they sound. I never realized they were pig intestines. The smell was like something that had been kept around too long in autopsy class.

    • (reciting his chitlins recipe)
      Al: Now, uh, what am I forgetting?
      Sam: How sick this is making me.

    • Sam: (to Al) Are you crazy?
      Willis: (overhearing) Not as crazy as you are. Or at least that's what people are gonna say if they see you in here talkin' to yourself.

    • Sam: "Blacks." That's what we'll be called instead of "Negroes."
      Miz Melanie: What in God's name's wrong with being called a niggra?
      Sam: Maybe it's just a little too close to "nigger."

    • Sam: I've gone crazy? Miz Melny, I'm not the the one burning crosses in the front of people's homes.

    • Sam: You can't, it's too hot today
      Miz Melanie: I'm not gonna melt.

    • Doctor: I can't help her. It's against the law.
      Sam: To hell with the law!

    • Sam: Al, you're getting a little paranoid.
      Al: Sam, how do you think I've lived this long?

    • Al: Sam, she had to have heard me.
      Sam: That's great, Al.
      Al: Just think of the possibility. I mean, if I reached Miz Melany, then maybe, just maybe... I can reach other women. Younger women. What? What?
      Sam: Is sex all you ever think about?
      Al: Well, except when I'm pulling you out of the fire, yes.

    • Al: Pull off into the cemetery, dammit!
      Miz Melanie: Thank you, Charles. You didn't have to swear.

    • Ms. Melanie: My relationship with Mr. Tyler is my business. Now you go mind yours, and I'll see you for supper.
      Clayton: Yes, ma'am. (walks away)
      Sam: Thank you.
      Ms. Melanie: Sometimes I think they switched babies on me.

    • Sam: Miz Melny, once you have seen the light, you can not go back into the darkness.

  • Notes

    • The day Sam leaps in is his birthday. He was born in 1953 so he'd be two years old. Sam also leaps into this same date and year in "Trilogy (1)."

    • The house where Sam has parked Miz Melanie's car (at the beginning of the episode) is the same house used in exterior shots of the Seaver house on Growing Pains.

  • Allusions

    • Al: It was incredible. Real Twilight Zone stuff.
      He is referring to The Twilight Zone show, a series with science fiction, horror or fantasy tales. The original Twilight Zone series aired from 1959 with host Rod Serling, and continued in 1985 with Charles Aidman and Robin Ward in 1985, and went back in 2002 for just one season, hosted by Forest Whitaker.

    • Sam: I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West
      Referencing L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz novel and the sequels, and the 1939 film version where Margaret Hamilton plays the Wicked Witch of the West.