Quantum Leap

Season 3 Episode 1

The Leap Home

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 28, 1990 on NBC

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  • Homecoming

    This is my favorate episode of Quantum Leap ever (or two parter if you count part two of "The Leap Home".). In a way we finally get a lot more depth into Sam Beckett's past as we see he has came back home.

    It's both moving but also emotionally heart wrenching because Sam knows whats going to happen to each and everyone of his family. His dad is having heart problems and we see he's not doing enough about it to prevent it. Sam's little sister is going to get herself into a bad marrage that will ruin her life. But worst of all his big brother Tom is about to go into Vietnam and die. Sam in this one show how truely human he is, he enjoys reliving and spending time again in those years with his family long gone and feel heavy pathos as he is struggling to help them so they can go on to better lives instead he's making things worse and is forced to lie about the truth.

    There is one great dialog scene with both Al and Sam once again which gets into that problematic heroic dilema. Sam says, "Why am I only allowed to help strangers and not the ones I love." And also says in anger and sadness up at the sky, "You hear me I'm not doing it anymore, I'm not doing it I quit!" And then Al of course gives a heartfelt speach about what he'd do and feels in Sam's sittuation. And then of course Sam does exactly that.

    This episode in a way hit deep with a lot of us that have had families, our love for them and desire to visit them and to have those moments in time again. As well as what lengths we go to help the ones we love and keep them in our lives. Time always passes and changes but our feelings within those moments of time never die, they stay forever in our souls.
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