Quantum Leap

Season 3 Episode 1

The Leap Home

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 28, 1990 on NBC

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  • A Happy Leap,and a Touching Goodbye

    Sam leaps Home,as himself,as his 16 year-old self.This is without a doubt Sam's happiest Leaps.This episode has become one of my Top Favorites.Sam thinks that he is there to prevent his Families coming tragedies.In the original history,his Father had died way too soon.His Sister marries an abusive alcoholic,and his Brother Tom goes to Vietnam,and is killed in action.But alas,it is not so.Al tells Sam that he is there to win the Championship Basketball Game that according to Ziggy,his(Sam's team) had originally lost.Sam however does not see it that way.In his attempts to right the wrong in his Family,he begs his Father to quit smoking,and not to eat the fatty foods which would effect his health,and ccause him to die early.He warns his brother Tom not to go to Vietnam,where he was killed.Tom makes a deal with Sam:that if Sam wins the the Basketball Game,he(Tom) will crawl in the deepest hole in Vietnam on a certain date.The most heart-wrenching scene comes when Sam tells his Sister Katie that she will marry an abusive alcoholic.He tells her about the future,and when he proceeds to prove it(he sings a song that has not been written at that present time)Katie cries.Seeing Katie cry Sam reluctantly tells her that he made up the whole story,and runs out into the field.Sam is understandily frustrated that he can't put right his own families tragedy.He has a similar feeling that Al had felt when his wife Beth remarried.Al helps Sam realise that he should be happy with spending time,in this time period with his Family.Sam realises,Al is correct.After spending Thanksgiving with his Family,Sam plays,and wins the Basketball Championship Game,but not before mowing a good-bye to his Father.He would soon Leap.