Quantum Leap

Season 3 Episode 2

The Leap Home Part II - Vietnam

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 05, 1990 on NBC

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  • A Happy Reunion,and a Satisfying Ending.

    Sam leaps into a Soldier who is like magic to his fellow soldiers,and his Commanding Officer,who turns out to be Tom.Sam mission is suppose to be saving the life...of an Army Colonel.Sam is determined as in the previous leap to save his brother.When he relays the information about an enemy attack coming in,it seems that was to kill the Colonel,the soldiers all ready themselves for the attack.However something went wrong,and nothing at all happens.Neither,Al,or Sam can figure out what had happened.They would get their answer later in the episode.By the episodes end,there would come afew surprises,not the lease being that Sam does save Tom's life.But Sam is somewhat not as happy as one would expect him to be.There is a reason.An ending that is not sad,but satifying none the less.
  • By far the most important episode of the entire series, though that's not immediatly obvious.

    When I first saw this episode some 15 years ago, I did not fully appreciate the significance of Maggie Dawson's Pulitzer Prize winning final photograph that she took just before she was killed in Vietnam on 8th April 1970. That was supposed to be the day when Sam's brother Tom died during an Operation called Lazarus. Operation Lazarus was involved the raid on the Vietcong village to rescue some American POWs, among them a young Naval officer named Al Calavicci (as proven by the photo). But thanks to the treachery by the female Vietcong spy, the prisoners were moved and an ambush was laid for the SEAL's rescue mission. Of course, the older Al's intervention overcame the ambush, saved the marines including Tom Beckett from certain death. But since the prisoners had been moved and so could not be rescued, Operation Lazarus was a failure.

    If one thinks about it, Al in his real time guise as Rear Admiral Albert Calavicci would have known (without Ziggi's help) that had Operation Lazarus succeeded, he, Al, would have been rescued with the others. This would have meant that he did not become MIA and would have eventually gone back to his beloved wife Beth - something that he wanted more than anything else in the world. Al would have known this in the previous episode when Sam mentioned the date of his brother's death, but he selflessly refrained from telling Sam about his own involvement in Operation Lazarus and thereby foresook his own freedom and married life to save Sam's brother.

    But that's not all. If Lazarus had been successful and Al had returned to his wife, it is likely that he would have setteled down happily and raised a family with her (knowing his love of kids). Under those circumstances, it is unlikely that Al would have thrown himself as ruthlessly into his Naval career as he actually did on the way to becoming an Admiral. This might have meant that Al would never have risen high enough in the Navy to get the sort of clearance that project Quantum Leap required and so might never have met Sam Beckett. Since Sam & Al are equally important to Quantum Leap, it follows that the project may never have happened if Al had been rescued on the battlefield that fateful day!
  • This is the best episode of the whole series.

    I love watching quantum leap. this particular episode is the best. this episode continues the story of The Leap Home Part 1, it tells the story of Sam Beckett leaping into a member of his big brother's Navy SEAL squad. In part one, Sam warns his brother that his going to die in Vietnam, but his brother wouldn't believe him. Now in part 2, he actually gets close to his brother where he gets a chance to save him personally. I really love this episode, the Vietnam scenes looked really nice. Sam's big Brother Tom is the center of The Leap Home episodes. It's all about saving his brother, it's a really nice episode.