Quantum Leap

Season 3 Episode 2

The Leap Home Part II - Vietnam

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 05, 1990 on NBC

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  • Saving Tom Beckett

    This is part two in my favorate two parter in the entire series. I always knew Sam's real mission was to save his brother, it's probably the reason the fates always directed him to the same lines as his brother. It's touching, sad, as well as suspenseful. Even though Sam is in the form of a different person you see him forming a bond with Tom. From certain things that Sam says that Tom feels there is a sense of familarity to him. One of the other things I like about this episode were how it created the Vietnam atmosphere, from the heat, tall grass, as well as the terrifying intestity of the operation. From how everything slowly unfolds, just like Sam we are steps ahead of everyone, were just constantly hoping that Sam will save Tom on time.

    However not all the credit should go to Sam it should also go to Al. Just like in part one he's just as much a soulful character than ever before. From the sad look on his face you get the feeling he know more than what he is saying. Also this sadness is intermixed with his selfless concern for Sam and his brother. Al knows that he has a way to be able to get back to his wife and have that family he always wanted. But like the angels in "Wings of Desire" he must never interfere with mortal matters. This once again gets at the themes about what lengths one will go to save another but most of all love and friendship, Al understands how much Tom means to Sam and so he makes a self sacrifice to not intervene or interfere in the mission in anyway. Despite the opperation tragically being a failure, there was also a victory. The knowledge knowing that one life was saved makes you happy. But at the same time you feel sad when you see that twist, from that photograph recently taken in that battle and produced is of the prisoneers and the one faceing the photo is Al. We may never know whether Sam and the group could of freed Al or not, in the heat of war even heroism has it's limitations.

    One soul is just as important and significant as many more souls involved or not involved in a time of war.
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