Quantum Leap

Season 3 Episode 2

The Leap Home Part II - Vietnam

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 05, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • About 30 minutes in, when Tom and Sam (Magic) are talking in front of the lagoon, two people in a canoe row behind them in the distance.  The scene must have been edited, because they go behind Tom and Sam but never past them

    • Throughout the jungle scene at the end Sam is wearing blue jeans.

  • Quotes

    • Colonel Grimwald: I know it was Saturday because Dad always inspected the battalion on Saturday.
      Maggie: Mmm. Grimwald. General Max Grimwald was your father? Ooh! Big shoes to fill, Colonel.
      Colonel Grimwald: Mine are a size and a half bigger.

    • Sam: (voiceover) It was unreal. In the space of a leap I'd gone from the depths of despair to the summit of hope. He was alive. My brother Tom was still alive and I was in Vietnam with him.

    • Al: You know she's got the biggest, roundest...
      Sam: Camera lens in Vietnam, I know.
      Al: Oh yeah, that... Yeah. Yeah. Lens, too.

    • Blaster: I already had my shower. Want a beer?
      Maggie: Uh. For starters.
      Blaster: Thank you, Lord! Thanks!

    • Tom: I still wouldn't take a reporter on a mission. Especially a female reporter.
      Maggie: If you gotta take one, we're the best kind.
      Al: She's got a point.

    • Sam: (voiceover) Tom never talked about what SEALs did off-duty. And after a few hours with Bravo squad, I knew why. Mom would have had a cow.

    • Dempsey: Sir, Magic says sappers are crossing the river, Sir.
      Colonel Grimwald: How the hell does he know that?
      Tom: Magic's got a sixth sense.
      Al: Yeah, you could call me that.

    • Titi: Too dark for picture.
      Maggie: Honey, this film can get exposure where the sun don't shine.

    • Al: Sam, I am the one who thinks with his glands. Not you.

    • Al: Just remember you've got an ace in the hole. Me.

    • Al: What the hell, I get repatriated in five years.
      Sam: You could have been free.
      Al: I was free. (points to his head) Up here, I was always free.

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