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  • Season 5 Episode 22: Mirror Image

  • Sam's Driver's License Reads as follows:

    #5738457 EXP 1998
    Date of Birth: 08/08/53

    P.O. BOX 555

    87501 is an actual zip code for Santa Fe, NM.

  • Despite being the series finale, this episode marks the time that Al and Sam interact the least. The two only share a single scene together.

  • In typical Quantum Leap style, you can visibly see several instances where character lines heard differ from what we see them say:

    Sam and "Gooshie" both say Stawpah's back condition was caused by slate while their lips say "coal".

    Before he leaps, Sam says "I have a wrong to set right for Al" while his lips say "I have a wrong to set right first."

  • Nearly every guest star in this episode appeared in a previous episode of Quantum Leap:

    Susan Diol (Beth Calavicci) reprises her role from M.I.A. (Season 2)
    James Whitmore Jr. (Police Captain) was, in addition to directing multiple episodes of Quantum Leap, Bob Crockett in 8 1/2 Months (Season Three) and Clayton Fuller/Mirror in Trilogy: Part 1 (Season 5),
    Brad Silverman (Pete) was Jimmy/Mirror in both Jimmy and Deliver Us from Evil (Season 2 and 5, respectively),
    Richard Herd (Ziggy Ziganovich) was Moe Stein in Future Boy (Season 3),
    J. D. Daniels (Kid #1) was Josh in A Tale of Two Sweeties (Season 5),
    John D'Aquino (Tonchi) was Frank LaMotta in Jimmy and Deliver Us from Evil (Season 2 and 5, repectively),
    Dan Butler (Mutta) was Frank Dorleac in Southern Comforts (Season 3),
    Michael Bellisario (Kid #2) was Martin, Jr. in A Tale of Two Sweeties (Season 5), Mike Genovese (Mr. Collins) was Don Geno Frascotti in Double Identity (Season 1), and
    Bruce McGill (Bartender Al) was Weird Ernie in Genisis, the pilot episode of Quantum Leap.

  • Sam encounters several characters that have the same names as people who work at Project Quantum Leap, including a fellow leaper named "Gooshie" (the head programmer of PQL), a miner named "Ziggy" (the Supercomputer at PQL) and a bartender named "Al" (the Observer at PQL and Sam's best friend).

  • When Sam leaps to talk to Beth, the background song she is dancing to is "Georgia on My Mind" by Ray Charles. The song was excluded from the Season 2 episode ("M.I.A.") as originally aired when Universal released it on DVD; however, the song DOES appear in this episode on the DVD release.

  • In addition to Al creating shadows, he often walks up/down steps, hills, and his clothes even blow in the wind! Since he isn't even really there, how can this be explained?

    I was also wondering about the size of the imaging chamber - the distance he walks at times means it must be the size of a football stadium!

  • Sam asks Al if when he leaps he turns all blue with energy and Al says he doesn't know because he's gone before he does. But in the episode "Good Morning Peoria," when on the radio station roof Al turns blue with energy and says he's leaping but Sam says he's not and just reacting to the energy from the satellite or whatever they were by on the roof. So both Sam and Al knew what it looked like to leap before this.

  • Throughout the series Al casts a shadow as any person standing in the same light would, except when he is walking through something. Then there is no shadow. Throughout the series: If children and animals see Sam as Sam and never who he is replacing why does Al, the person connected to Sams brain, see who he Leaps into? I.e. "What Price Gloria" Sam leaps into a beautiful woman (Samantha Stormer) and Al keeps talking about how beautiful Samantha is and says "If you weren't my best friend I'd...".

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Memphis Melody

  • Michael St. Gerard also played Elvis in the movies Heart of Dixie and Great Balls of Fire.

  • In this episode, Sam sings several songs:
    Amazing Grace,
    Blue Moon of Kentucky, and
    Baby, Let's Play House, all songs sung by Elvis Presley.

    Other Elvis songs That's Alright Mama, My Happiness, That's When Your Heartarches Begin, Blue Christmas, Heartbreak Hotel, and Jailhouse Rock are all mentioned but not sung.

  • When Sam is outside the recording studio, Al has a reflection in the window.

  • Season 5 Episode 20: The Leap Between The States

  • In the beginning of the episode, you see Sam with the "southern belle," As she treats his wound, in the background is a player piano. However player pianos did not come out until the early 1900s. Further, the piano rolls on top are QSR rolls in the red boxes, which are relatively new.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: The Beast Within

  • When Roy is having a seizure, Sam puts a wooden spoon in Roy's mouth "to keep him from swallowing his tongue". This phenomenon is a myth. It is physically impossible to swallow one's tongue.

    When someone is having a seizure, you should roll them on their side so that their tongue doesn't block their airway; never put something in a seizing person's mouth. As a doctor, Sam should know this.

  • In several scenes in this episode, Sam and Al are outside. In these scenes, you can clearly see Al's breath due to the cold weather. As he is a hologram, this should be impossible.

  • For some unknown reason, Al is wearing gloves this entire episode.

    (This is most likely because most of the episode takes place outside and Dean Stockwell was keeping his hands warm.)

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Goodbye Norma Jean

  • In this episode, we learn Sam's idol is Albert Einstein.

  • As the opening credits roll, you can see modern cars stopped in the background as the car comes up the street.

  • When Al is outside with Sam, telling him about his mission to save Marilyn's life, you can clearly see Al's breath in the cold air as he speaks.

    As Al is a hologram, this should not be possible.

  • Many cars are generally given the year ahead of their production year. For example, in 2005 the new cars being produced are considered 2006's.

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