Season 1 Episode 1

May the Source Be with You

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1978 on NBC
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May the Source Be with You
Perma One is in a state of emergency as Gorgon has created the ultimate weapon to defeat the United Galaxy. Quark is given the secret weapon (The Source) by Palindrome. Quark must believe completely in The Source in order to defeat Gorgon.

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    Alan Caillou

    Alan Caillou

    The Head

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    Joe Burke

    Joe Burke

    Gorgon Guard II

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    Cris Capen

    Cris Capen

    Gorgon Guard I

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    • QUOTES (9)

      • Quark: Nobody could do this and survive.
        Palindrome: Not nobody, but you, Quark. You got one of the finest crews in the fleet, don't you?
        Quark: Well, they're good with garbage, but what can an emotional Transmute, a homemade robot, a Betty and her clone, and a plant do against a Gorgon's Doomsday ship?

      • Quark: I've just argued over the concept of love with a plant - and lost.

      • High Gorgon: People of Spartan, this is the High Gorgon. I command your unconditional surrender. You shall be treated with compassion, honor and patience. - You have twenty seconds before I blow you out of the galaxy.

      • High Gorgon: I suggest you take a closer look at my space ship.
        Leader of the Spartans: A ship? We see no ship. All I see is a large marooned planet.
        High Gorgon: That is my space ship!
        Leader of the Spartans : (pause) Just give us a few minutes to move our things out of the palace.

      • Andy: Commander, this is no place for a coward. Please - take - me - home.

      • Gene/Jean: (as Gene) Andy is scared to death, he drives me space bonkers.
        Andy: Spacehead, I'm a machine, I will live forever - unless this crew gets me destroyed.

      • Palindrome: Say, don't you have a mission or something?
        Quark: I'm supposed to seek out and destroy the High Gorgon's Doomsday ship.
        Palindrome: Well, that should keep you busy.
        Quark: Palindrome, it's huge, It's fast, it's powerful. What am I supposed to do, ram it with my superb garbage ship?

      • Gorgon: Is the Source dangerous?
        High Gorgon: Only if it's on your side.

      • Quark: Why do you say things like that? Out of the blue?
        Ficus: Blue? What blue?

    • NOTES (2)

      • In the Spanish language version of this episode the scene where the Bettys compare Quark to a god was removed so as not to offend Catholic viewers.

      • Aired as a one hour episode, "May the Source Be With You" was originally intended to be a two-part episode.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Star Wars

        The title of this episode "May the Source Be With You" is of course a reference to the 1977 film Star Wars and its oft-repeated line, "May the Force be with you."