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Episode Guide

    • Quatermass and the Pit: Hob
      Quatermass and the Pit: Hob
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      The opening of the ship unleashes the ancient Martian inheritance that has lain dormant in humanity for millennia. The pit is plunged into chaos as many humans in the area succumb, including Quatermass. The capsule splits open and a Martian energy form towers over London. Roney finds he is immune, and struggles to help Quatermass.moreless
    • Quatermass and the Pit: The Enchanted
      Roney and Quatermass theorise that the aliens were Martians who took humans to Mars and exprimented on them, and then crashed on returning them to Earth. Sladden works alone in the pit that night and strange forces are conjured up, forcing him to flee in terror.
    • Quatermass and the Pit: The Wild Hunt
      A brain scanner devised by Roney reveals pictures of aliens in Barbara's mind as she works at the capsule. Breen dismisses the images as a hoax and plans to expose the charade in a television broadcast from the pit. An electrician is killed there, an the capsule starts to glow.
    • Quatermass and the Pit: Imps and Demons
      Quatermass and the journalist James Fullalove examine the history of Hobbs Lane, and finding that Hob, the original spelling, was a name for the Devil. A special drill operated by Sladden is used to open a sealed compartment in the capsule, revealing three long-dead alien insectoids.
    • What Lies Beneath
      What Lies Beneath
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      After being caught up in a gang fight between Badders and Blue Brigade in London, Quatermass is given shelter by a group of old people who live in an old car scrapyard. Kapp returns home to find that the stone circle in the next field has been hit, and that his wife and children are dead. The girl Isabel is destroyed in hospital, and the gangs join the Planet People as thousands head towards Wembley Stadium. Quatermass tries to warn the authorities that the human race is being harvested...moreless
    • Quatermass and the Pit: The Ghosts
      The strange capsule is unearthed, and Breen claims it is a German V-weapon. It is made of an unknown substance, mildly radioactive and cold to touch. Roney's aide, Barbara Judd, finds a history of supernatural events at Hobbs Lane which Quatermass in interested by. Private West, working inside the capsule, is terrified by an imp-like ghost he claims to have seen.moreless
    • Quatermass and the Pit: The Halfmen
      A building site at Hobbs Lane in London unearths a human skull, which is estimated by Dr Matthew Roney to be five million years old. Roney sets up a dig at the site. Quatermass, to his fury, is told that his Rocket Group will be merged with the military under Colonel Breen. Breen is called in by Captain Potter when a strange projectile, possibly a bomb, is found at the dig. Quatermass gets involved, and realises whatever it is, it is five million years old.moreless
    • Quatermass II: The Frenzy
      Quatermass II: The Frenzy
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Quatermass enters the food recycling plant and sees an alien creature in one of the food domes. The workers revolt and, occupying the pumping room, stop the flow of the gas flow to the domes. The guards use human bodies to block the pipeline.
    • Lovely Lightning
      Lovely Lightning
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Quatermass, Kapp and Kapp's wife Clare have witnessed the obliteration of the Planet People at Ringstone Round by a beam of light from the skies . They rescue a poor girl called Isabel who is now deaf and blind, and whom Quatermass and district commissioner Annie Morgan plan to take to London for investigation. Chuck Marshall calls Kapp from the U.S.A. and reveals that Ringstone Round was not the only such incident on Earth...moreless
    • The Quatermass Experiment
      The Quatermass Experiment
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      An astronaut is infected by an alien pathogen during a space mission, of which he is the only survivor. Gradually he mutates into an hideous creature that absorbs the lifeforce of humans, and must be stopped by the space scientist who designed his spacecraft, and sent him to his doom, Professor Bernard Quatermass.moreless
    • An Endangered Species
      An Endangered Species
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Quatermass is in the underground car park and survives the energy blast at Wembley. Joined by Russian Academician Gurov, Quatermass forms a group of aged experts to recreate the presence of many human beings at the stone circle near Kapp's wrecked observatory. A massive bomb is brought in, and Kapp and Quatermass wait alone to detonate it during a blast and so deliver the final blow...moreless
    • The Quatermass Experiment: State of Emergency
      The creature that was Victor Caroon is now at Westminster. Quatermass broadcasts to the nation, informing them of all the past events, the rocket return, the creature inside the rocket and the danger the country finds itself in. Initially planning to destroy the creature with flame throwers, Quatermass talks to it, appealing to the individual astronauts inside. The astronauts' minds turn against the creature and kill it, leaving behind a mass of dead tentacles and vegetation.moreless
    • Ringstone Round
      Ringstone Round
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      In a bleak near-future of gangs ruling the streets, Professor Quatermass is accosted by thugs while on the way to a television studio to offer commentary and analysis for Britain's part in an international satellite broadcast covering a US-Soviet space link-up. He is rescued by Joe Kapp, a young radio-astronomer who is on his way to appear in the same programme. During the transmission, Quatermass is harshly critical of the space mission, and predicts that missions like it are wasteful and probably doomed in some way because they don't produce anything useful. Not long afterwards, malfunctions begin to show up, and the mission fails, with all lives lost, due to unknown causes. Quatermass and Kapp are forced to flee to the latter's remote lab, which is near a stone circle called the Ringstone. A group of young religious zealots marches to the circle, apparently to take it over for some reason of their own...moreless
    • Quatermass II: The Food
      Quatermass II: The Food
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Quatermass attends an official inquiry into the recycling plant, and finds that all of the commission members are scarred, indicating infection by the mysterious gas. Quatermass, Ward and Fowler break into the plant. Ward is killed by a burning material in one of the food domes.
    • Quatermass II: The Bolts
      Quatermass II: The Bolts
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      An object from space crashes on Earth. Captain John Dillon takes the remains to the British Rocket Group. Professor Quatermass accompanies Dillon to the Winnerden Flats area, where they find a huge synthetic food plant.
    • The Quatermass Experiment: Contact Has Been Established
      An experimental rocket, the BR7, is sent thousands of miles over the Earth on a mission of observation. It has a fault in its controls, and its crew loses contact with the scientist who designed it, Professor Bernard Quatermass, who leads the mission control operations on the ground. After contact is restored, the rocket crash-lands in Wimbledon, and Quatermass and his British Experimental Rocket Group quickly go there to recover the crew, then must wait for the space vehicle to cool.moreless
    • The Quatermass Experiment: Persons Reported Missing
      When the capsule opens, only one of the three crewmembers, Victor Carroon, emerges, then collapses. When he recovers, it is clear he cannot remember what happened to the others. It is also clear, however, that something of the missing crew lives on in another form…
    • The Quatermass Experiment: An Unidentified Species
      The pharmacist tells Quatermass that the chemicals drunk by Victor would be extremely poisonous. A half-naked Victor, with an arm now a mas of vegetation, crawls through the hedges of St. James' Park. A few hours later, Lomax and Quatermass investigate the presence of dead, mutated birds in a lake. They examine samples of a moss-like substance at the scene and conclude that Victor is no longer human, and has spored.moreless
    • The Quatermass Experiment: Very Special Knowledge
      Victor appears to have developed multiple personalities and can now speak German. Quatermass takes him to a safe house. Merging with a cactus, Victor attacks and kills a reporter and runs off.
    • Quatermass II: The Mark
      Quatermass II: The Mark
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Captain Dillon is infected by gas from one of the space objects and is taken to the synthetic food away to the plant by zombie-like guards. The Captain and the guards have similar facial scarring. Quatermass is obstructed by local officials.
    • Quatermass II: The Destroyers
      Quatermass II: The Destroyers
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Quatermass escapes from the recycling plant as it explodes. He and Pugh return to the Rocket Group to find that a group of zombie guards, led by Captain Dillon, have taken over. Pugh and Quatermass decide take the Quatermass II rocket to the asteroid and destroy the alien invasion force.
    • Quatermass II: The Coming
      Quatermass II: The Coming
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Dr. Pugh finds that the mysterious objects are coming from an asteroid. Quatermass accompanies a journalist to talk to workers at the food plant. Guards at the plant collect more objects that have fallen in the area.
    • The Quatermass Experiment: Believed to be Suffering
      Quatermass believes that something in space absorbed two crew members and took over Victor's body. Victor escapes from a car crash and goes to a pharmacy, seeking relief for his mutated arm.
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