Season 4 Episode 1

Ringstone Round

Aired Saturday 8:15 PM Oct 24, 1979 on BBC

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  • A vision of Britain in the near future as it moves inexorably towards, not just utter corruption, but destruction.

    More than twenty years after "Quatermass And The Pit" was screened, Nigel Kneale finally returned to the Professor for a last adventure. The title was a worrying hint that this might not be as imaginative as its predecessors, and the fact that it was now being produced by ITV and not the BBC was not wholly reassuring, either. At the time, it was held to be a disappointment. But, ah, but... From a viewpoint of thirty years later, "Quatermass", like its BBC predecessors, seems worryingly prescient. Certainly the Britain it depicts, full of marauding gangs and appalling poverty, with a television service devoted chiefly to manufacturing brain-dead semi-pornography for the despised masses, is very much like the place it would become in the 1980s and thereafter. As before, the mingling of science and mythology is eerily convincing.