Quatermass - Season 1

BBC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Quatermass Experiment: State of Emergency
    The creature that was Victor Caroon is now at Westminster. Quatermass broadcasts to the nation, informing them of all the past events, the rocket return, the creature inside the rocket and the danger the country finds itself in. Initially planning to destroy the creature with flame throwers, Quatermass talks to it, appealing to the individual astronauts inside. The astronauts' minds turn against the creature and kill it, leaving behind a mass of dead tentacles and vegetation.moreless
  • The Quatermass Experiment: An Unidentified Species
    The pharmacist tells Quatermass that the chemicals drunk by Victor would be extremely poisonous. A half-naked Victor, with an arm now a mas of vegetation, crawls through the hedges of St. James' Park. A few hours later, Lomax and Quatermass investigate the presence of dead, mutated birds in a lake. They examine samples of a moss-like substance at the scene and conclude that Victor is no longer human, and has spored.moreless
  • The Quatermass Experiment: Believed to be Suffering
    Quatermass believes that something in space absorbed two crew members and took over Victor's body. Victor escapes from a car crash and goes to a pharmacy, seeking relief for his mutated arm.
  • The Quatermass Experiment: Very Special Knowledge
    Victor appears to have developed multiple personalities and can now speak German. Quatermass takes him to a safe house. Merging with a cactus, Victor attacks and kills a reporter and runs off.
  • The Quatermass Experiment: Persons Reported Missing
    When the capsule opens, only one of the three crewmembers, Victor Carroon, emerges, then collapses. When he recovers, it is clear he cannot remember what happened to the others. It is also clear, however, that something of the missing crew lives on in another form…
  • The Quatermass Experiment: Contact Has Been Established
    An experimental rocket, the BR7, is sent thousands of miles over the Earth on a mission of observation. It has a fault in its controls, and its crew loses contact with the scientist who designed it, Professor Bernard Quatermass, who leads the mission control operations on the ground. After contact is restored, the rocket crash-lands in Wimbledon, and Quatermass and his British Experimental Rocket Group quickly go there to recover the crew, then must wait for the space vehicle to cool.moreless