Season 5 Episode 1

The Quatermass Experiment

Aired Saturday 8:15 PM Apr 02, 2005 on BBC

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  • A remake, as a single play, of the six-part science-fiction serial which transfixed the nation in 1953 and provided British television with one of its first massive successes.

    The world changes... What was revolutionary, and deeply provocative, in 1953, becomes excessively familiar in 2005. So widespread and long-lasting was the influence of the original 1953 serial that a straight remake, especially at only half the length of the original, cannot hope to cause anything like as much of a stir. Still, the idea was an appealing one, and the idea of transmitting it live - live TV drama in the 21st century! - was an extra attraction. One notes that the actors all seem rather younger than their 1953 counterparts - and more of them are women or members of ethnic minorities - and there are quite a few filmed inserts to give the nervous actors a break in the tension. And, of course, Nigel Kneale's story is still hugely clever and exciting.