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  • Episode 17

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    S 1 : Ep 17 - 4/13/09

    Tae-joo is shocked when Eun-soo ignores him. Eun-soo suddenly stumbles but just as Tae-joo is about to catch her, Jun-hyuk is there and takes her away...
  • Episode 16

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    S 1 : Ep 16 - 4/14/09

    At the office, Eun-soo hears that a donor has appeared for Ji-soo. Eun-soo runs into Tae-joo and tells him the good news. Tae-joo smiles and congratulates her. While Tae-joo and Eun-soo are talking, Jun-hyuk walks in and stops as he sees the two talking to each other. Eun-soo notices Jun-hyuk and is startled. Jun-hyuk takes Eun-soo's hand and walks out of the office. Jun-hyuk tells Eun-soo that she should quit her job unless the only reason she is staying is to see Tae-joo.moreless
  • Episode 15

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    S 1 : Ep 15 - 3/26/09

    After Jun-hyuk dissolves Eun-soo's plans to create a composite brand for the department store, she becomes disappointed and decides to go back to her mother's house. Eun-soo goes to the market to get some groceries for dinner with Ji-soo, and runs into Tae-joo. Worried about Eun-soo, Jun-hyuk arrives at Eun-soo's mother's house and sees Eun-soo with Tae-joo.moreless
  • Episode 14

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    S 1 : Ep 14 - 4/13/09

    Jun-hyuk and Eun-soo meet with Eun-soo's family in a rather awkward and nervous atmosphere. When Madam Yoon asks Ji-soo if she is still a student, Ji-soo tells her that she was a loner and quit high school. Tae-joo gives people the impression that he knows Ji-soo well by describing her as a snobbish and selfish person. Everyone but Chairman Cha and Madam Yoon becomes nervous at this comment. When Madam Yoon asks Tae-joo how he knows Ji-soo, Eun-soo tells her that Tae-joo used to live next door. As Ji-soo and Tae-joo continue to discuss their past, Jun-hyuk and Hye-rin become uneasy.moreless
  • Episode 13

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    S 1 : Ep 13 - 3/26/09

    As soon as Hye-rin and Tae-joo's engagement ceremony is over, Jun-hyuk tells Chairman Cha that he is going to marry Eun-soo. When Chairman Cha objects, Jun-hyuk says that he was merely telling him in advance and not trying to get his approval. Gyung-sook who is supposed to pay the remainder of the payment for the house in a few days blows the down payment away. After thinking things out, Gyung-sook goes to Tae-joo with the housing contract and an envelope of money and tells him to either buy the house or blow off the contract. All that she asks for in return is that he tell Eun-soo that she has returned everything. Tae-joo, who is at the real-estate agency, runs into Eun-soo who has come rushing in.moreless
  • Episode 12

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    S 1 : Ep 12 - 4/13/09

    Tae-joo goes to his studio and calls out Eun-soo. He asks her to transfer to a different company. When Eun-soo asks Tae-joo why, Tae-joo responds by telling her that he does not wish to see Hye-rin suffer but most importantly, he cannot bear to watch Eun-soo struggle with her life. Eun-soo tells Tae-joo that she has no reason to struggle due to people that have nothing to do with her and that Tae-joo should not judge other people based on his standards. Meanwhlie, Ji-soo's mother Gyung-sook and Ho-young check out the house that Tae-joo promised to buy them.moreless
  • Episode 11

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    S 1 : Ep 11 - 3/26/09

    Tae-joo tells Eun-soo that he can't live on pennies and because of this, he will marry Hye-rin (Yoon Ji-hye). Eun-soo is disappointed in Tae-joo, and decides to let him go. Hye-rin talks with Jun-hyuk and tells him that she will marry Tae-joo (Moon Jung-hyuk). She also demands that he show Tae-joo some respect as he will become part of the family.moreless
  • Episode 10

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    S 1 : Ep 10 - 3/26/09

    Tae-joo tells Hye-rin that he is truly in love with Eun-soo and that he would like to end their relationship. Hye-rin tells him that he is in no position to say such things, and that she will be the one who decides when their relationship is over, and that he should wait for her to do so. Later Hye-rin talks with Eun-soo and tells her to end things with Tae-joo. Eun-soo tells her that Tae-joo and she are truly in love with each other. Hye-rin becomes enraged and slaps Eun-soo. Eun-soo slaps Hye-rin right back. Meanwhile, Eun-soo tells Jun-hyuk that she cannot accept his proposal.moreless
  • Episode 9

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    S 1 : Ep 9 - 4/13/09

    Eun-soo is rewarded with an opportunity to go to Singapore Asia Fashion Association with Jun-hyuk for her excellent performance as an intern. Hye-rin tells Jun-hyuk that it would be better off if everyone goes as a couple and asks Tae-joo to go as well. During their stay in Singapore, Tae-joo focuses his attention entirely on Jun-hyuk and Eun-soo. Hye-rin tells Tae-joo that Jun-hyuk and Eun-soo's relationship is serious and that he should accept it.moreless
  • Episode 8

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    S 1 : Ep 8 - 3/26/09

    Tae-joo and Hye-rin go to the 'Fashion Night' party and are surprised to find Jun-hyuk and Eun-soo together. Tae-joo is not only shocked at the fact that Jun-hyuk brought Eun-with him but is also surprised to see Eun-soo in a beautiful and sexy dress. Tae-joo tells Eun-soo that Shin Jun-hyuk is nothing but a player and is sweet talking her to get her attention and that if she keeps it up, she'll only get hurt. Eun-soo suppresses her rage at this comment and tells Tae-joo that she'll do the same to Jun-hyuk. Eun-soo shakes Tae-joo's hand off her wrist and walks up to Jun-hyuk. As soon as Jun-hyuk turns around, Eun-soo kisses him.moreless
  • Episode 7

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    S 1 : Ep 7 - 3/24/09

    Jun-hyuk tells Eun-soo that if she keeps working at the club, she will have trouble being hired as a full-time employee at the department store. Jun-hyuk, who understands that Eun-soo is a little low on cash, asks her to help him on a project rather than working at the club. Hae-rin finds out that Eun-soo is working in Jun-hyuk's apartment. She demands that he not bring other women to his home and tells him to change his assistant Eun-soo, to a man. Jun-hyuk tells her that his decisions are his to make and tells her not to be involved. Tae-joo is surprised to hear the news from Hae-rin.moreless
  • Episode 6

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 3/25/09

    Tae-joo starts work at the World Department Store and runs into Eun-soo in the company data storage room and is startled to find her there. He manages to offend Eun-soo by telling her that he's surprised that she managed to get herself a job. Eun-soo replies that he shouldn't look down on people. Creditors looking for Ji-soo's mother, Kyung-sookstorm into Eun-soo's apartment. Kyung-sook might end up in jail so she makes Eun-soo work at a club instead of paying off her debt. On her first day of work, Eun-soo runs into Jun-hyuk, who is at the club to meet some friends.moreless
  • Episode 5

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 3/26/09

    Eun-soo gets drunk and sues Tae-joo for sexual harassment. After being interrogated at the police station, Tae-joo goes to Eun-soo's house and claims that he is innocent. Seeing Tae-joo so enraged, Eun-soo reports Tae-joo once again to the police on the grounds of trespassing and attempted assault and battery. Later, Tae-joo calmly tells Eun-soo that he is sorry about what had happened and Eun-soo confesses her feelings to Tae-joo. Hae-rin, meets Tae-joo on business, but seems to be sullen and lonely. Seeing this, Tae-joo starts to have pity on her. Tae-joo becomes determined to take on the role of her fake boyfriend, something that Hae-rin had proposed once before. Meanwhile, Eun-soo who had already asked Tae-joo out, does not receive a reply from him and becomes anxious.moreless
  • Episode 4

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 3/25/09

    While Tae-joo oversees an event held at the department store, he realizes that he is short on a model. He is reminded of Eun-soo who happened to be working part-time at the special event corner of the department store. Having developed an interest for Tae-joo, Eun-soo tells him she'll do the favor if he buys her dinner. Eun-soo is excited and puts on facial packs for the event. The facial packs are rather painful but Eun-soo endures the pain by thinking of Tae-joo. After Tae-joo sees what Eun-soo is going through, he quickly takes Eun-soo out and peels off the facial pack only to find Eun-soo's face all red and swollen. Hae-rin who had asked Tae-joo to plan her fashion show hears that he is focusing the publicity on the fact that she is from a prestigious family, and she tells him that she has changed her mind. Tae-joo tells her not to get caught up in her pride and tells her that she should sell whatever she has, whether it is skills, looks, or social background.moreless
  • Episode 3

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 3/24/09

    Hae-rin's mother, Madame Yoon calls Jun-hyuk and tells him to leave after telling him that she does not approve of him and Hae-rin staying under one roof. Jun-hyuk replies that he can't be held accountable for what Hae-rin does when they have become independent. It's Tae-joo's ex-girlfriend Mi-yeon's wedding day, and Mi-yeon gives a hotel key to Tae-joo and tells him she wants to spend the night with him because she found out that the groom was seeing someone else. Tae-joo goes back to Mi-yeon's groom and tells him that the bride probably doesn't like the room and that although the room can be changed, it wouldn't be appropriate if the grooms change as well. The enraged groom punches Tae-joo. Hae-rin who had came to the wedding as a guest of the groom, watches what happens and smirks. Meanwhile, Eun-soo's apartment plumbing bursts and the entire house becomes flooded with water.moreless
  • Episode 2

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 3/24/09

    Tae-joo unluckily has to take care of the selfish and arrogant Hae-rin. After thinking about what he should do, he goes into a motel. Meanwhile, Eun-soo interviews for several jobs but is unsuccessful in getting one. Without any contact from her mother who was supposed to send her some money and left with only an almost empty bank account, Eun-soo begins work as a part-time sales employee at the Palace Department Store.moreless
  • Episode 1

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 3/25/09

    Early morning, Tae-joo returns home to get ready for work after ending a passionate three month romance. His rather refreshing feeling comes to an end as soon as he arrives at his apartment. He finds a girl (Eun-soo) that he saw for the first time in his life squatting down and sleeping in front his apartment. The girl who claims that she has come to find her sibling, stubbornly refuses to listen to Tae-joo who explains to her that he is the owner of the apartment. The girl who seemingly was persuaded to leave, comes back a while later and furiously rings Tae-joo's doorbell. She rushes into the apartment after Tae-joo opens the door and locks herself in the bathroom where Tae-joo was taking a shower.moreless