Queen Bees

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 11, 2008 on TeenNick



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    • Camille: (explaining why she wears sunglasses) I can look at people in my sunglasses and judge them, and they don't know I'm looking at them and judging them.

    • Yoanna: (to Camille) Here's a question: Why are you wearing glasses in a house?
      Camille: 'Cause that's, how I am. (smiles)

    • (when introducing herself to "Queen Bees")
      Kiana: It's not my fault that I'm sexy. It's just a package I have, and just-boom.

    • (when introducing herself to "Queen Bees")
      Camille: Basically, as long as my hair looks good, my confidence is at an extreme level. (chuckles)

    • (when talking about how Michelle and her friends spend a lot of money)
      Michelle: We'll [Michelle and her friends] go out shopping and one of the girls will say, "I ran out of money." and we'll be like, "You what!? Okaayyy... we didn't." (laughs) "Go hoomme."

    • Gisbelle: I love intimidating other girls.

    • Michelle: My friends are so gorgeous. They're so pretty. If you have like, a friend who's not that good looking, you try to go to a club and they're like "All you can come in except for that girl." We'll all just go in and leave her.

    • Michelle: In my high school, there's this this girl, she was just really annoying, you know. She just didn't leave me alone, constantly following me around. So I just pushed her. And she actually went flying across the room.

    • Camille: I can make my fiance cry, all I have to do is snap my fingers.

    • Camille: As long as my hair looks good, my confidence is basically at an extreme level.

    • Michelle: You are a loser; leave me alone.

    • Brittany: I do have ugly friends, but I don't go out with them at night.

    • Shavon: That's my whole goal - to hurt you.

    • Gisbelle: I'm perfect. I don't think I have any flaws.

    • Stassi: I'm fun, I'm talkative, and I'm charming. I'm pretty much perfect.

    • Camille: I love making people cry. I do it for the laugh.

    • Kiana: If you look bad, I'm gonna tell you you look bad.

  • Notes

    • Nickelodeon aired an edited version of the episode at the same timeslot as The-N. Some of the edited lines were when Camille admitted to spreading rumors about her friends having AIDS, and when Stassi and Gisbelle both said 'bitch'.

    • This was part of The N's "Big Night of Premieres" on July 11, 2008.

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