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Friday 8:30 PM on TeenNickIn Season

Who do you think will change the most?

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    [21]Aug 19, 2008
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    1. Camille
    2. Gisbelle
    3. stassi
    4. michelle
    5. Kiana
    6. Shavon
    7. Brittany
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    [22]Sep 8, 2008
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    This is who and why I think each person will change in this order.

    1. Camille- because she really over the whole course of the show seemed to change and also started to learn from past mistakes.

    2. Gisbelle- First off because she won and also she gave her 25,000 to charity and she was very close to Camille for me but she still comes in 2nd in this case.

    3. Michelle- Because she really seemed to regret all the things she had done but she didn't quite change enough during the show for me to think she'll change more than Camille or Gisbelle.

    4. Stassi- Cause I think she still has some stuff to work on and didn't quite change as much as I would have thought.

    5. Kiana- Cause for the same reasons as Stassi but I feel it could take her longer.

    6. Shavon- The only reason she isn't last is because she didn't get eliminated and if she would have she would have been last for me, the problem with her is her attitude towards others and the way she comes off all in all I can't see her changing too much.

    7. Brittany- Cause first she was the first and only eliminated and she left with only 2 stars so to bve honest I think she is too focaused on her self to change but who knows for sure.
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