Queen Bees

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  • MY sister

    SO my sister deffinatly needs to get on this show she "borrows" money by the hundreds n never gives it back when she gets money she doesnt pay her bills she goes and buys stuff befor anything when she gets a boyfriend she makes them clean everything n checks there phones constantly and treats them like crap she is heartless and she will tell u she is shes horrible and very hard to explain but how do i get her on this show? i have never meet someone so meen and she laughgs at people when they get hurt she is just a bitch and she is nothing compared to the girls on this show i watched all the episodes plzzz help me help my family with my sister
  • what would they buy??

    I think that it's right that Gisablle won but what would she do with her money? Well I figured out some things that all queen bees would do!Camille- Would probably buy a wedding dress,Stasi would buy somethin,Kiana would buy her best ffriend somethings,SHavon would pay for her phone bill,Michelle would buy clothes,and Brittney left but if she wasn't such ffaker then she would buy clothes! Maybe she should see what she's doin before she tries to give up no one else did and I hope she can read this!
  • I enjoyed this show. I saw a lot of growth in almost all the women.


    It was interesting to see how all these women—who shared similar characteristics (being "queen bees")—lived together in close quarters for eight weeks.

    The show set-up was somewhat artificial, and I had concerns about the therapist. But I know the show was heavily edited and hope that the therapy was better and more exploratory and fuller than viewers saw.

    I liked the videotapes of the contestants' nominators. It seemed to be a wake-up call for each woman; after all, these are the people who mean the most to them.

    I didn't think Shavon grew. Her double standards and inability to hear the other women and to feedback were frustrating.

    I'd like to see where they are now and if they were able to maintain at least some of what they learned and changed in their real lives.

  • When I saw commercials for it, I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not-but after I've watched a few episodes, it's pretty good.

    Seven girls are invited to be on a reality/game show typed sitcom called "Queen Bees", and in this case-getting to be on a show isn't good. These girls have been nominated to get on for one reason, and one reason only, and it is for them to change their "evil ways".

    Meet Brittany, a blonde at age 20 from Jacksonville, Florida. She can be really emotional at sometimes, and kind of clueless/confused. She's a pretty girl.. I have nothing against her from the episodes I've seen, let's see how she turns out. Camille is a pretty, (hottest Bee in my opinion) eighteen-year old girl who is now engaged. She's my favorite to win, or at least I hope she wins. Gisbelle, well-she's a 19-year old Hispanic from New York, who thinks she's perfect. In the show, I don't have anything against her as well. Michelle is your average Queen Bee.. spoiled at everything. She's ok, in my opinion. Kiana is an average-height eighteen year old Queen Bee, who will tell the truth, no matter if it hurts or not. Stassi, well she kind of thinks she's perfect too. I think she will win this whole thing. Shavon, is a tall, athletic girl, who's goal is just to hurt you. Competition is everything. I have a good feeling she isn't going to stay on the show for long, and she's my least favorite Bee.

    Well, ok. Those are my opinions.
  • A beneficial show.

    Queen bees is a show where seven complete drama queens learn and their faults and try to change them. Everyone has something to learn about their own-selves and needs to learn why they act the way they do. The girl that makes a more significant amount of changes wins $25,000 so that brings up competitive blood between the girl. I really do like this show because being able to see how you are as a person makes you able to see how you have to change or something like that. I recommend this to anyone and everyone that want to go on a life changing journey or just become a better person.
  • A good infuelcal show!

    At first I thought it would just be a show about of bunch of selffish brats thrown together under one roof but it really isn't a bad show. And suprisingly the most of the girls aren't really THAT mean at all. Like Stassi, Gisebele Kiana, and Camiele seem like really nice people. Yeah they got thier problems but hey everyone has some issues. But people like Shavon, Brittany, and Michelle obviously were chosen to be there for a reason seeing thier rude judgemental attitudes. But hopefully later on in the show they change for the better. If I had to guess who won it would probally be either Camiele or Stassi.
  • A good show.

    "Queen Bees" is a show mainly for teens that airs on The N, the network for teens. It also premiered and currently airs on Nick @ Nite on Nickelodeon. The show is all about when seven stuck up, self centered, and conceded girls are put in a house together, all because they were nominated by someone they know because they think they're mean. Each episode, they are put through challenges that are supposed to "change" them. At the end of each episode, the girls are evaluated to how they've changed and either take away a star, gain a star, or stay the same.
  • A good game.

    I just watched the first episode & whoever thought of this is amazing cause the game itself could benefit the people who are play & it's entertaining. But I think half the girls are pretty much fake. But I love to watch it cause it is so entertaining. I loved the progress reports to determine who wins. Still I think most of the girls are B**** & I truly think no one will really change, they'll just fake it to win the money. The person I hate most on the show is Shavon & The person who I want to win is Stassi. I think she would change. A really good game.