Queen Bees

Friday 8:30 PM on TeenNick Premiered Jul 11, 2008 In Season





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  • I enjoyed this show. I saw a lot of growth in almost all the women.


    It was interesting to see how all these women—who shared similar characteristics (being "queen bees")—lived together in close quarters for eight weeks.

    The show set-up was somewhat artificial, and I had concerns about the therapist. But I know the show was heavily edited and hope that the therapy was better and more exploratory and fuller than viewers saw.

    I liked the videotapes of the contestants' nominators. It seemed to be a wake-up call for each woman; after all, these are the people who mean the most to them.

    I didn't think Shavon grew. Her double standards and inability to hear the other women and to feedback were frustrating.

    I'd like to see where they are now and if they were able to maintain at least some of what they learned and changed in their real lives.