Queen for a Day

NBC (ended 1964)


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Queen for a Day

Show Summary

Welcome to the Queen for a Day guide at TV.com.

Jack Bailey

First Telecast: January 3, 1956
Last Telecast: October 2, 1964

Network History:
NBC Daytime, 1956 - 1960
ABC Daytime, 1960 - 1964

Edward Kranyak

Plot Summary:
"Do YOU want to be Queen for a Day?!" Host Bailey would bellow out those words before each program, to which the audience would reply en masse, "YES!" Four women, each having a sob story to tell, told Bailey why they believed they should be crowned the show's "Queen For a Day". Usually, each contestant asked for a merchandise prize such as a washer and dryer. After all four sad stories were told, the audience chose the winner by applause (determined via the "applause meter"). The winner was awarded her prizes and was bedecked in a sable-trimmed red velvet robe and jeweled crown. Interspersed between the contestants' stories was fashion commentary. Written by Brian Rathjen


"Queen for a Day" was derived from a radio show originally called "Queen For Today".

Prior to being picked up by NBC, this program was shown on local Los Angeles television from 1948 to 1956.

Very few of the NBC and ABC kinescopes survive.

Broadcast from the Moulin Rouge, a theater-restaurant on Sunset Boulevard near Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

From 1969 to 1970, this program was briefly revived in syndication with host Dick Curtis.

Sponsored by Pepsodent Toothpaste.

Hap Weyman

Head Writer:
Bill Lutz

Gene Baker
John Harlan

Fashion Commentator:
Jeanne Cagney (sister of actor James Cagney)

Contestant Escorts:
Bonita Gaylord
Grace Lee Whitney

Barbara Lyon
Beverly Sassoon
Suzanne Alexander
Jolene Brand
Maxine Reeves
Darlene Stuart
Dorene Georgeson
Virginia Bingman
Colette De Meyer
Marie St. John

Queen's Escort:
Ted Wood

Cecil Mooringsmoreless