Queen for a Day

NBC (ended 1964)


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  • Please help Find

    My younger brother has been diagnosed with 4th staged cancer, can use a good lift My youngest brother has not seen his mother on the show. Her name was Bonnie Reynolds, She won the Queen for a day,, I remember washer, dryer, refrigerate. I would like to get a full copy of the episode. Hoping it you .
  • Help with finding information on an actress Jackie or Jacquelyn Tilton

    I am working on a family tree and was told that this actress worked on the show possibly from 1945 to 1948. Her husband( Harry Tilton ) died in a hunting accident in Oregon in 1945. If anyone has any information it would be a Great Help.... Thanks in Advance...
  • Need help

    my mom mary crumrine was a runner up on the show they asked her if she had won what was her said to have her husband home for christmas because he is a motor officer for glendale pd and was hurt i wanted to get her a copie of that christmas eve someone saw your show and had my dad come home in a private email is

    thanks fred

    I am looking for a Queen for a Day winner. Her name was Beatrice and her story was about her mother taking off and leaving. I believe she was a winner. I do not know her last name and this is why I am asking anyone if they have any copies or if a Beatrice (possibly Davis, Curtis, Marshall, Madden) was mentioned. I am specifically looking for her last name. Please help.
  • looking for episode

    I am looking for episode of queen for a day from fen or march 1960. My mother was runner up I think. She was 9 months pregnant at the time and my dad was out to sea in the navy. I really want to surprise my mother for mothers day. I know only 7 episode s remain which scares me hope one is hers. Her name was Nancy Heizer.

    My mother, Sally Nicassio, won Queen for a Day in I believe 1963 or 1964. Since my mother has passed on, it would mean a lot to me to get this episode on tape or CD. Her story was about me her daughter who is legally blind.
  • Women came on the show, told their sad stories to the MC,and then were voted on by the studio audience. Their applause was measured by an "applause meter". After the queen was selected, she was crowned and robed before being presented with gifts.

    I watched this show as a child during the summer at my grandparents' farm, and during the school year at the babysitter's after school each day. I guessed I watched it because the adults liked it, but I quickly became a fan too. It was exciting hearing the contestants' stories and then watching the applause meter before the winner was announced. Seems like most winners were awarded a Maytag washer...no matter the sad story, the prize almost always included a Maytag...wonder who sponsored the show. Although I don't want to see a modern show like this, I would like to see all the old reruns.
  • Searching for an episode or tape of the Queen For A Day tv show.

    I\'m in search of an episode or tape of the Queen For A Day tv show featuring Jean Delores O\'Brien as queen for a day in Los Angeles, California. Sometime during 1960 through 1964 taped in Los Angeles, California. Could anyone contact me if they know how to get this?