Queer as Folk

Season 2 Episode 9

Accentuate the Positive

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2002 on Showtime
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Accentuate the Positive

Michael fights to get Ben back into his life - he has to prove he can handle the HIV-positive situation. Brian is introduced to his mother's minister - but they've already met (not in church). Ted has a really hard time dealing with some performance enhancing drugs.


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  • Brian's character and Michael and Ben

    Brian's character was made even more deep than it already was in this episode, and Michael and Ben's relationship reaches new heights as Michael strives to provide his ardent passion for Ben. Season two is moving up in the ranks and this episode just solidifies that!
  • Ted gets a chance to be lucky and Emmett offers him some assistance to help with his exhaustion. Mike tries to win Ben back. Brian's mother finds out that he is gay after his sister forces him to spend more time with her.moreless

    So the beginning of this episode was rather strange to me. Brian and Justin not only have a game with each other and the people they sleep with, but now they are doing guys at the same time while standing next to each other. It made a little bit more sense (though not a lot) when we find out the guy Brian was doing turned out the be his mother's Priest. How ironic huh? So Brian's sister drops by his place with her demon spawn that have quite the mouths on them, and threatens Brian by telling him either help her out with babysitting mom, or she'll give mom to him altogether. Brian goes over to mom's house and finds out his sister set him up to take her to church. He says no, mom decides to go anyway though she's drunk, so Brian gets stuck taking her after all. Mom comes over to Brian's after he and Justin got the idea for Brian to try some viagra. She meets Justin and the cat is out of the bag about Brian's sexuality, to which she replies that it's a sin and he'll burn in hell, bla bla bla. Brian confronts the priest about him being gay and gives him grief. However he decides not to tell his mom about her priest's sexuality because it's like the only thing she has left. The priest, Tom later shows up at Babylon and buys a drink for Brian and Justin, and says thank you to Brian. In the meantime Mike decides he want Ben back no matter what anyone thinks. He goes to Ben's an waits for two hours and says he wants Ben back. Ben says it will take more than a kiss. Mike pushes for a date and brings Ben over to Deb's for dinner. Deb think it's going to be a different guy. Being blindsided she doesn't know what to say, and this really isn't fair to her. Mike basically tells her that he loves Ben (which i find funny because they haven't known each other very long or even slept together), and that's the reality and deal with it. At the dinner table Deb starts asking all these medical questions about T-cells, if Ben's been hospitalized, if he's taking the cocktail and all that. When Mike confronts her she tells him THAT'S the reality and he'll have to deal with that. At the end, Mike sleeps with Ben anyway. Ridiculous as Mike usually is. Anyway, Ted is exhausted with working on the website all the time, and doing invoices and everything else that goes along with it. He gets the number of a cute guy at Babylon and fears he might actually be too tired to get it up for this guy, Thor. Emmett gives Ted Viagra which is what Brian and Justin took from him, and says he'll have the night of his life. However, Thor call in on the date after Ted already took the pill. Ted is stuck with an erection but when he wakes up in the morning and finds it still there, he goes to find Emmett for help. I thought this was funny, all his friends had some nice jokes and suggestions which were quite comical. Ted goes to the dr. and decides to try a decongestant and wait. They all go out to Babylon and Thor shows up. Ted thinking he's going to get lucky goes to the back room with Thor, but doesn't seem to be able to "rise" to the occasion, since the Viagra decided to wear off at this moment. Poor Ted.moreless
  • I hope you know it's a sin.

    The time has come that "St. Joan" must find out about her son's sexual orientation. And what better way to find out than have Justin come down with matching pants as Brian's and shirtless, as if that's not suggestive. And right after Brian just took Viagra. Something tells me taht he's not exactly in the mood to have a chat with his mother. She realizes what is going on and learns the truth about Brian, as she storms out of his loft. Previously attending church with her earlier in the week, he learns that her minister, whom she looks up to for his guidance, love, and support, was his trick last Saturday night at Babylon. He threatens to expose him to his mother out of jealousy I suppose, but later reconsiders out of the goodness of his heart. Good job, Brian.moreless
  • Uh oh, mommy knows.

    Brian is probably the last person in the world who needs Viagra. It's got to be overkill for him, since he's already caught in a permanent state of horniness. But it's entertaining nevertheless.

    My gosh, Brian's mom is unbelievable. The scene where she discovers her darling boy "sucks hot hard cock (to use Emmett's words) is priceless. What a great way for Brian's secret to be exposed. Justin stumbles down the stairs--quite sore I might add--and meets his future mother-in-law (oh come on, we all know Brian and Justin tie the knot eventually). Ted is hilarious in this episode. Poor guy, he really does have the worst luck. I like the idea of "scaring it" to make his erection go down. Boo!moreless
  • Priests and viagra, amoung other things.

    If there is one thing you can count on this show for it is surprise. I mean of all the people to meet at the baths but a priest! And his mother's priest no less. After his encounter with this man of the cloth and a little experience with viagara, much more pleasant then that of Ted's, Brian is outed to his mother. Who, ofcourse, reacts even worse then his father did last season. To tell your own son that he is going to hell is just something I could never comprehend. I do not understand how anyone could say that to their child no matter what their beliefs or logic behind it. There is just no reason to be that cruel, ever. Which just goes to show you even when Brian is at his cruelest he would never sink to such levels, not outing this priest to his mother. He can be a real good guy, on occasion.moreless
Sharon Gless

Sharon Gless

Deborah 'Debbie' Jane Grassi Novotny

Robert Gant

Robert Gant

Professor Benjamin 'Ben' Bruckner

Michelle Clunie

Michelle Clunie

Melanie 'Mel' Marcus

Peter Paige

Peter Paige

Emmett "Em" Honeycutt

Scott Lowell

Scott Lowell

Theodore 'Ted' Schmidt

Gale Harold

Gale Harold

Brian Kinney

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    • Brian: Which piece of whimsical fiction would you prefer, sonny boy? Grimm's Fairy Tales? Or the Bible?

    • Michael: She just needs a little time to get used to it.
      Emmett: What? That her baby boy sucks hot, hard cock?
      Ted: And loves it.

    • Mrs. Kinney: I hope you know it's a sin.
      Brian: That I fuck guys or that I didn't tell you?
      Mrs. Kinney: You make all the jokes you want. The Bible makes it clear. You're going to hell.

    • Brian: Great service.
      Reverend Butterfield: I'm glad you enjoyed it.
      Brian: I meant at the baths.

    • Emmett: You know, I once wanted to be a priest. But then I thought - how unnatural. Living your life cloistered away in a world full of men.

    • Michael: It was supposed to be dinner, not the fucking Spanish In-queer-sition.

    • Ted: I took viagra last night. It's been 18 hours and it wont go down! What am I going to do?
      Emmett: Have you tried soaking it?
      Lindsay: How about a cold shower?
      Brian: How about scaring it?
      Justin: That's hiccups.
      Brian: Boo!
      Ted: Thank you all for caring.
      Melanie: What about something that would completely turn you off?
      Brian: That's a great idea, why don't you two show him your tits?

    • Ted: And I need a stiff one. (Brian laughs) The other kind.
      Emmett: Stop worrying. You heard what the doctor said; It will go down.
      Brian: Yeah, mine did.
      Justin: Yeah, thanks to your mom. She can make anyone lose their hard-on.
      Ted: Can I get her number?

    • (Brian's loft, where Justin and Brian are having sex)
      : (gasps) I can't... believe... you... fucked me... again...
      Brian: (gasps) It was... your idea... to steal... Ted's... Viagra...

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