Queer as Folk

Season 5 Episode 9

Anything in Common

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 10, 2005 on Showtime

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  • Michael makes it clear that the "Brian Mikey" show is over for good.

    Brian tries to appoligize for what he said, realizing that he needs Michael in his life, but the appoligy didn't exactly come across as sincere. Michael stands up to Brian and tells him no, for probably the first time in the series. And yes, I obviously want to see them stay friends but I'm glad that Michael did the right thing. Now he needs to work twice as hard to win Justin back. Because everyone knows that Brian Kinney, as much as a self-centered, arrogant ass he can be, he too needs people their in his life. It's not too late Brian! Get Sunshine back!
  • The Brian and Mikey show is over. Brian is all alone, and he's not dealing with it too well. Just goes to show that even Brian Kinney needs others.

    I'm relieved that Michael stood up to Brian. Though it was incredibly sad, it was necessary. Michael has been in love with Brian for 20 years--he's been his lap dog, always following him around and forgiving him everything. I always thought that if Brian expressed the least bit interest in him as a lover, Michael would've dropped Ben in a second. That's why I'm glad Michael is finally finding his life without Brian. It took Michael a long time to let go of Brian when Justin came along. And I'm just glad he was finally able to do it.

    After all, their friendship has changed. And it can never go back to the way it was. They no longer need each other as much as they used to, when there wasn't a Justin or a Ben. Brian found someone else to share his entire life with, and so did Michael. Now if only Brian will come to his senses and get his Sunshine back.
  • The Brian and Mikey show ends once again.

    Now, we all know Brian and Mikey have fought before but this time it is different. They are both in such different places that their clash isn't so easily resolved this time. Brian said and did some things that really hurt Michael and insulted the way he is living his life. And no matter how much Brian may want them to be Brian and Mikey again it isn't really that way anymore. I do not blame Mikey either in the tiniest bit for his snub of Brian at Justin's art showing. Having said, watching Brian miss Mikey the way he did was very sad. We've seen him grieve and have trouble dealing with being without Michael before but I find the end of this episode very sad. You almost wish Mikey had shown up to forgive him but as I said, as it is shown, it isn't the Brian and Mikey show. Michael didn't leave him or stop loving him but they took different roads and there were bound to be a few speed bumps, and not the good kind. Brian needs to realize that their relationship, as any, needs to evolve and change. He needs to learn some acceptance himself, as he always has needed to learn. He accepts himself but the choices of others seem to be particularly hard for him to grasp sometimes.

    Speaking of acceptance a big shout out to this Drew Boyd, who isn't really my favorite person, but coming out of the closet the way he did took real courage. He basicly came out to the world in front of the world and he took some big steps in the process. Unfortunately, the world isn't a perfect place and things don't go as well as one would hope. I suspect being suspended from his football team is gonna be the least of his worries.

    And what the heck was that with Mel and Linds!?!?
  • What a great Episode for "Mel and Linds" Fanns! read on ------>

    Review from AUSTRALIA 24/11/2005
    We just got this episode on the 22nd of Nov

    Wow, what a great Episode!

    When Mel and Linds turned a fight into sex, i was screaming WOO HOO in my head. Mel and Linds need to be together, it's just wrong seeing them apart.

    As for Brian and Michael it's disturbing to see Michael tell Brian off after he appologised to him. Brian APPOLOGISED>

    Look forward to next week, aparently a bomb goes off at Babylon Ai yi yi yi yi!
  • All I can say about this episode is... Woo Wee!

    Man, this episode was chock full of sex! And amazingly, Brian wasn't the one having it.

    First, the opening scene with Ben and Michael. Very hot! I loved them kindly taunting the ladies who came to get there support of Prop 14.

    Speaking of Michael, what the hell is his problem. Yeah, Brian was a jerk, but he has done worse. And he apologized in his own way. I'm not liking this whole Mickey and Brian seperation. It's unsettling.

    I love that Brian and Ted have become real friends. Up until now, they were just in the same group of friends, never really tight, like the rest of them. But now that Ted is hot stuff, he feels on the same level as Brian and he knows that Brian has no one to talk to anymore, so he is trying to become is friend.

    The scene with Debbie and Brian was great too, although the outcome was not good.

    Well I'm glad that Mel and Lindsey finally broke down and got down and dirty. That was some steamy scene! I hope next week brings them back together for good.

    Justin got on my nerves this episode. How dare he question his mother like that, first because she is his mother and it was just wrong. But also because he has no right to question anyone on their choices especially with regard to age!

    I can not wait until next week's episode! Although the closer we get to the series finale the sadder I get.