Queer as Folk

Season 4 Episode 6

Death in the Family

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 23, 2004 on Showtime

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  • Pulling the Punches

    This episode has so much angst and it really makes you feel emotion - all of these conflicts move the characters forward in the best possible way. Season four isn't hesitating to make viewers cringe and cry and collapse... what will happen next?
  • Brian and Justin compete to which one of them the new guy in town is checking out, and they add some high stakes to the game. Ted tries to mend things with Emmett. Linz attempts to get a famous artist's work in the gallery. There is devastating news.

    The episode starts out happy as Brian is having a party for launching Kinnetic. He also gives Linze a check for the money that the "concerned citizens" lent him. Justin and Mike get an email from a director Brett Kellar who wants to make Rage into a movie. Ben warns them to be careful. Justin talks Brian into going to Babylon to celebrate, where they see a new face there. The two decide to compete over which one of them the man was checking out. If Justin wins, he gets an all expenses paid trip to Ibiza. If Brian wins, Justin must go back to school. After a humorous competition Brian ultimately wins. Ted finally musters up the courage to bring his last amends letter to Emmett. Emmett says he admires what Ted is doing but asks what the letter is going to do for HIM, and rejects it. Blake tells Ted that the truth is all that matters, and Ted asks why Blake never gave him his own truth. Blake brings the letter back to Emmett who is now living with Debbie and leaves it with him. Linze attempts to get a famous artist, Sam Arbach's paintings and a couple drawings for a mural in the art gallery. After it is apparent that he is a pig and is ignorant, Mel suggests that Linze change her appearance to get his attention. She gets it and gets the same perverted treatment that his secretary got. However when she tells him she's married to a woman and he makes a sexual comment, she punches him in the nose. Way to go Linze. Deb is still angry with Vic and won't speak to him except for a comment that clearly shows she's still angry. She goes to his place later and they appear to make up, for a brief time until they have another huge fight. This resulted in her telling Vic she didn't care if she ever saw him again, and a choice phrase with the letter F. Later when bringing things of Vic's to him on Deb's orders, Emmett and Mike find Vic...who had passed away in his chair. Apparently his cholesterol was high from his medication and his heart just couldn't take it. Brian makes a comment later about how lucky Vic was to have gone this way, but Deb slaps him in the face hard and throws him out, and the look in her eyes was something i haven't seen in Deb before. She's obviously in shock, and she later tells Emmett what her last words were to her brother. The sadness prompts Emmett to read Ted's letter that Blake left for him. Blake makes amends with Ted and kisses him, we still don't know where that will lead. Also Brian decides to deal with Vic's death the way he deals with everything, so he finds the man at Babylon that he and Justin were competing for. Brian does win the bet. However, just when we think the episode can't get any sadder, we find out that this man is a doctor and gives Brian his card, informing Brian that he has a lump on his left testicle that he should have checked out as soon as possible. What a moving episode.
  • Brian has cancer

    Brian and Justin compete to snatch up the new meat that just moved to Pittsburg. They pull out all of the stops, but it no longer seems important after they recieve shocking news. Debbie and Vic get in a huge argument over not being invited to the house warming party. Harsh words are exchanged as she leaves, promising she won't be back. A day later, Michael and Emmett find Vic asleep on his recliner. Only he's not asleep, he's dead. Deb is distraught that those were her last words to her loving brother. Brian says that he was lucky to have the few extra years that he did, but Deb lashes out at him, saying that he shouldn't just toss it off like that. She demands that he leaves her house. He goes to Babylon to find some comfort. While hooking up with the new guy in town, a doctor, he notices that he has a lump on his left testicle, and reccomends that he get it checked out immediately. I can't believe that Brian of all people has cancer. A lot of people view him as sort of an untouchable person. Maybe this reminds people that he is capable of having the same things happen to him as the next person. Fantastic episode
  • Brian Kinney and cancer, Lindsey and Sam Auerbach, Debbie and Vic's biggest argument ever.

    This episode is basicly painful and filled with painful things. Debbie and Vic clash over Vi'c new life and what the entails and they basicly explode into this really hurtful argument. Unfortinately this is not the most hurtful part. Emmett and Michael return to his apartment to find that Uncle Vic is gone, he passed away. The scene had me crying so bad, I mean I adored Vic and it was such a shame to see him go.

    Meanwhile, Lindsey meets a very flirtatious very Brian Kinney (minus to mass appeal) kind of guy. Except he's straight. Now, I don't like him from minute one here and I particularly don't like how willing Lindsey is to play his game. I mean considering the person she is and the person he is, the person we see right away, I was very surprised at her actions. I understand he may be a good artist but that does not make him a very good person, he is very crude and demeaning towards women. I'll leave it at that.

    Then in what I can only describe as the big moment of the episode Brian Kinney, in winning a bet with Justin, finds out some veru upsetting and disturbing news. He has a lump. That can never, ever be a good sign (even when you don't know where they story line is going).